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Feminized cannabis seeds have been the go-to cannabis seed for beginners since they always seem easy to grow. However, without the right guide, you are prone to unconsciously making mistakes that may affect your cannabis plants’ lives. Feminized cannabis seed strains boast high-quality standards, which explains why they are relatively expensive than regular seeds. They hit the cannabis market slightly more than a decade ago, and they completely conquered. Growing feminized seeds allows you to calculate the amount of your harvest right from the beginning since they all turn out to be female plants. Therefore you don’t have to germinate more unnecessary seeds. Since they all grow into female plants, sexing is easy, resulting in their widespread popularity over the years.


If it is your first time growing feminized seeds or you would like to learn more, here is a guide and tips for growing feminized cannabis seeds like a pro.

Buy quality feminized cannabis seeds.

Before everything else, you need good genetics of the feminized cannabis seeds to produce quality weed. To get quality feminized seeds usa, buy from a reputable cannabis seed company or breeder. Invest in a lot of research beforehand and check the company’s website’s reputation through online reviews. If growers are happy with their seeds, there you have a guarantee of getting quality cannabis seeds. If there are several negative reviews, you might want to reconsider buying your cannabis seeds there.

Choose a growing medium.

Secondly, choose a growing medium you can easily manage or one that you understand. For instance, deep water culture is one right way of indoor growing feminized cannabis seeds, but it requires an in-depth knowledge of nutrient measurement, management, and experience. If you are good at managing soil as a growing medium, go for it. Many beginners start by sourcing a good mix of soil from a local grow shop. If it is your first time, start as simple as you can. After your first time, your growing confidence will improve, and you can now tackle more complex growing mediums.

Select feminized seeds for indoor growing

Decide if you will buy feminized auto-flowering cannabis seeds or feminized photoperiod cannabis seeds from the Homegrown Cannabis Co. Let us look at how the two differ below.

Feminized auto-flowering seeds

Feminized auto flower seeds are more comfortable to grow indoors for beginners. They come from the initial seed to harvesting time with 20hours of daily light for 75days and can produce substantial yields if the growing conditions are suitable. The feminized auto-flower seeds automatically flower when they reach a certain age, so you don’t have to worry about controlling the light conditions. These seeds originate from the long winter climates such as Russia and Europe, so they are genetically adapted to low light needs.

Feminized photoperiod seeds

This type of seed has two growth stages differentiated by the lighting conditions. in the first stage, expose them to more than 18hours of light a day throughout the vegetative stage as they produce leaves, branches and expand the roots. Then reduce the amount of light to 12 hours light daily and 12hours in the dark so that they can start flowering. This is also known as the blooming stage, where they begin to produce buds. Although it depends on the strain, the bloom phase takes around nine weeks of the 12/12 light conditions.

Space planning

Cannabis plants can grow so dense and tall, so you need to factor in the space conditions as you raise the seeds. If they get too close during and after the vegetative stage, they may lack aeration, leading to fungus development. You also require space to work on them when they mature without straining yourself.

Do not overfeed or overwater your cannabis plants.

Overwatering and overfeeding is a common mistake indoor cannabis growers who use the soil medium make. If you overwater your cannabis plants, the roots become waterlogged and may develop fungus. The soil is also more likely to lack oxygen for aerating the roots when it is waterlogged. Therefore, allow the soil to dry between waterings for proper root aeration slightly. Again, if you underwater the plant, it may develop complications later, particularly the roots. Do not let the plant get too thirsty, especially during the early growth stages.

On the other hand, overfeeding the cannabis plants with nutrients can cause a nutrient burn whereby the leaves turn brown and crispy, and the plant slows development. The plants can also experience stunted growth and fail to recover later on.

Maintaining the nutrients

Nitrogen is a necessary nutrient for the plant, so you can feed your plants in small amounts, gradually progressing depending on how the plants respond. It would help if you steadily increased the nutrient concentration without overfeeding or underfeeding your cannabis plants. Keeping the nutrients in the right balance ensures they grow into healthy plants that produce high yields. It is best to use organic nutrients to have a good quality of weed that meets the market standards.

Prevent pests

Keeping your cannabis plants healthy naturally deters away any pests. However, you can get rid of pests and insects by using organic pesticides. Remember that weed is always subject to clinical tests to ensure it is safe for human consumption. The more pure your weed is, the more valuable it is to the user.

Getting high THC cannabis

If you combine good genetics of cannabis feminized seeds with the right growing environment, you get THC-rich cannabis buds. According to research, feminized seeds grown under LED grow lights give back cannabis with high THC levels compared to those produced under HPS. Therefore LED growing lights are the most suitable when it comes to growing indoor cannabis plants.

Balance the care

If you are a beginner in growing cannabis, you may fall into the trap of paying excessive attention to your cannabis plants. The growing process should be fun and exciting rather than worrying you too much. This may trigger you to give your plants too many nutrients or too much water or stress them. So, balance the care. Give your plants enough water and nutrients and let them thrive naturally without stressing them.

The final words

When you follow the above tips, you are a step ahead in succeeding as a cannabis grower. With the right guide, you can only succeed.

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