Harmattan: NCAA alerts pilots, others over weather threat

LAGOS—THE Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, weekend issued a weather alert to pilots and all airline operators indicating dangers related to harmattan dust haze in flight operations at this period of the yr. This alert is critical as harmattan is known to pose an apparent threat to plane, mainly in regions of tough terrains, because of low visibility.

According to the Seasonal Rainfall Prediction

Issued with the aid of the Nigerian Meteorological Agency, NIMET, the prevailing climate condition is probable to usher in a protracted and intense dirt haze in the months ahead. Speaking approximately the weather alert, Mr. Sam Adurogboye, General Manager, Public Relations, NCAA, said: “The Advisory round AC: NCAA- AEROMET-24 is supposed to alert pilots of the hazards associated with dirt haze that’s a dry and dusty wind that blows southwards from the Sahara throughout Nigeria at some stage in November to March. “The impact of the dirt and sand stirred by using the wind is called Harmattan Dust Haze. Therefore, pilots ought to word that air-to-ground visibility may be extensively decreased because of the dirt haze. “Besides, aerodrome visibility may also fall beneath the prescribed minimum, and in extreme situations, dirt haze can blot out runways, the markers, and airfield lightings over extensive areas.

This makes visible navigation extremely tough or not possible.” Adurogboye brought that “Resultantly, in which visibility falls under the prescribed climate minimal, flight operations are predicted to be not on time, diverted or out-rightly canceled. Hence, all pilots have obliged to workout maximum restraint specifically whilst severe weather circumstance is determined or said by NIMET. “Pilots have to attain adequate departure, en path, and vacation spot climate facts and briefing from NIMET previous to flight operations at all of the airports. The Flight Crews/ Operators and Air Traffic Controllers, ATC, ought to ensure adherence to aerodrome working minimal,” the NCAA Spokesman said. “Operators are consequently counseled to ensure vital measures are put in a region to control the results of flight delays or cancellations on their passengers. All stakeholders are required to ensure strict compliance with this circular,” the NCAA Spokesman stated.

Harmattan (Dry Season) In Nigeria


There are two predominant seasons in the weather of Nigeria. The wet season and the dry season (popularly referred to as the harmattan season). The rainy season in Nigeria is commonly between November and March, of the dry season.

The dry season may be very bloodless in the mornings and evenings.

The mornings are, in particular, bloodless before sunrise. The season is characterized by a bloodless climate, low humidity, dirt particles suspended in the air, blue cloudless sky, and drought due to an absence of rainfall.

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All these traits of the dry season are together referred to as Harmattan. Harmattan is because of Northeast winds that blow in from throughout the Sahara desolate tract. This makes the results of Harmattan like drought, low humidity, and cold temperature to be more pronounced within the northern components of Nigeria. Tourists and site visitors to Nigeria and other countries that revel in Harmattan have to take a look at the essential government earlier than intending on their journey to these countries.

Tourists and site visitors who are asthmatic

Must are seeking clinical advice earlier than going to the northern part of the united states of America. Those who are allergic to dirt or pollen also need to seek clinical advice before proceeding to the northern part of u. S . A. This is due to the high awareness of dirt particles in the air in the northern elements. Lots of fluid must be taken to compensate for the lack of water from the body into the environment through breathing. Pilots need to additionally take the word that visibility is decreased because of excessive concentration of dirt debris inside the air, which might also, from time to time, obstruct air travel.

Aviation Headsets & Their Importance To Pilots


An aviation headset is a device that shields us from lengthy-time period hearing troubles. It facilitates to preserve us connected to our group as well as the air site visitors control device. Incredibly, we see that pilots frequently determine how to deal with a headset that doesn’t meet particular wishes. Many are angry with their present comfortableness and constantly enjoy complications and ear pain to begin disruption and reduced safety. Other pilots are annoyed with headset gadget disasters and also have absolutely exchanged capability away for durability. Many different pilots are influenced via emblem picture and the presumption that the very best charge is the same as the most useful product.

Our headsets are instruments used globally by using pilots and flight crew participants flying whatever from military transports, helicopters, enterprise aircraft. Although the objectives are varied because of the aircraft being managed, maximum folks have become pilots past a preference for flight. Never allow a headset with a loss of consolation or sturdiness to rob that enthusiasm. Standard flight instructions remaining from one to 2 hours. Cross-country flights are generally plenty longer. Either manner, you may want a headset. It’s enjoyable. Nothing can do away with a laugh of flying together with an ugly and insufficient becoming headset. Several factors determine if your headset is going to be secure or not. These 4 elements are:

  • – Clamping stress
  • – Weight
  • – Adjustability
  • – Padding

With passive noise canceling pilot headsets, clamping anxiety is needed to keep noise out. This is one of the several blessings of ANR pilot headsets. They do not call for an excessive amount of clamping. Because pilots have diverse styles and sizes of heads, the handiest manner to locate the nice healthy might be to test numerous headsets. Most headsets have thumbscrews for editing clamping pressure.

A heavy headset ought to doubtlessly reason shoulder.

And neck soreness on long flights. When attempting to find pilot headsets, take a look at the specific weights of numerous headsets and pick out a lightweight one, if at all viable. The more approaches you can use to modify a headset, the more it is viable to customize it to your head. When seeking out a headset, have a look at the variety of methods it could be changed. The correct quantity and cushioning within the correct locations tend to make the actual difference between a chilled headset and an uncomfortable one. Two of the maximum not unusual locations for padding would be the ear cups and beneath the headscarf. Searching for an appropriate headset is a project many pilots endure while first beginning out. To simplify your complicated seek, without a doubt, seek Google for critiques in addition to seasoned’s and cons to every headset. After doing a short seek, I observed many websites indexed that provided me with an intensive amount of records concerning the satisfactory aviation headset evaluation. After days of searching, I got here to the decision to buy the Bose x aviation headset. It becomes out of my supposed rate range, but I’m extra than thrilled with my choice, and after many logged-in hours of flying, I’ve in no way been extra cozy flying!

Types of Warm and Cold Weather Fabrics for Dresses


Style, coloration, and reduction are good-sized elements worried in choosing a get dressed. But, it is also vital to consider the unique form of cloth. A few of the factors to recollect consist of the drape, ease of care, end and fiber content. The procedure of choosing a dress enables you to consider your lifestyle and your personal fashion. Here are the various first-rate fabrics for the different weather situations:

Fabrics for warm weather

The lighter fabric is desired in the course of the hot and humid summertime months. The cotton blends and mild cotton fabric are fantastic choices for nice and cozy-weather clothing and casual dresses. The linen blends can make an amazing 2d preference. However, this type of material is positive to wrinkle without problems. However, the linen mixed with a touch of rayon or nylon will make it plenty extra proof against wrinkles. The cotton broadcloth, knit, and muslin can deliver an effortless finish. The favored shade scheme for warmer weather is shiny or light hues because they are more powerful at reflecting light to minimize heat increase. Also, the dresses with patterns make a perfect desire.

A similarly incredible high-quality of the linen and cotton blends is the capacity to hold the skin at ease and dry as it certainly wicks moisture from the pores and skin. Also, making plans to dress up for a special event, including a reunion, prom, or wedding, makes sense to go along with a great natural fiber cloth. An awesome alternative for the hotter months is silk.

Fabrics for bloodless weather

An exceptional desire to preserve warmth within the iciness months is wool and wool blends. Other realistic alternatives for the iciness dress consist of cashmere and alpaca. They certainly supplied inherent warm temperature and had been used for thousands of years to make apparel for cold climates. The maximum difficult-sporting cloth includes worsted wool, which could be very easy. Also, there are fluffy fabrics that are not as long-lasting but deliver the softer end for the maximum luxurious finish to an outfit. A slight disadvantage of the fluffy fabrics is the higher threat of losing and pilling.

For the formal clothes or different clothing which are probably to be worn only a few instances inside the chillier months, it’s far feasible to wear a get dressed made in synthetics. Nylon, rayon, and polyester are commonplace picks without difficulty styling to create the actual fashion assertion. Additionally, the rich and thick fabrics like brocade and velvet are also brilliant options to hold the warm temperature in; however, they’re a little heavy to wear.

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