PS3 Vs. Xbox 360: Hardware Comparison

The Sony PS3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360 are the real giants of the online game console industry. Their consoles seem alike at first glance. However, there are numerous inherent differences between them that we can be exploring. The Sony PS3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360 are the real giants of the online game console industry. Their consoles seem alike at first glance. However, there are numerous inherent differences between them that we can be exploring. TAGGED UNDER: PlayStation Xbox.


The video gaming industry is playing a totally wealthy moment in its existence right now. The motive for this will be firmly attributed to the Sony PlayStation 3 and the Microsoft Xbox 360. These two consoles shape the seventh generation of online game consoles, and these particular systems have truly come an extended way when you consider that they first made their presence felt. The Nintendo Wii also performed a good-sized function inside video games’ evolution (especially movement-based video games). Still, their lack of HD pix and no updates have appreciably thrown them out of the picture.
By way of Sony Computer Entertainment and Microsoft, these two consoles are the real behemoths on this enterprise. In this Buzzle article, we will be comparing the hardware of both these gadgets. When it comes to carrying out a graphics assessment, the variations among the 2 consoles are not very prominent, but their hardware is drastically distinctive from each different. For the sake of comfort, we will be evaluating the most recent PS3 version (the PS3 Slim) and the latest Xbox 360 model (the Xbox 360 S) towards each other.

Hardware Specifications

The PS3 Slim was released in September 2009 and made some extensive modifications to the console’s bodily appearance and its dimensions as nicely. The goal changed to create a smaller and lighter console, and Sony succeeded in attaining this. According to Sony, this model is 36% lighter, 33% smaller, and consumes 34% less electricity than preceding fashions. The Xbox 360 S came out in June 2010, and it changed the whole architecture of the earlier fashions. The new model had a 30% greater space interior, and it also brought a Wi-Fi connector to the desk. The modified architecture also resulted in the console making lesser noise and now not overheating regularly because the previous fashions did. The differences in the hardware between the two consoles are illustrated below.

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Feature PlayStation three Slim Xbox 360 S WinnerCPU 3.2GHz Cell processor, 7 single cores and 1 backup middle 3.2GHz Xenon processor, 3 dual cores PS3GPU 256MB NVIDIA RSX “Reality Synthesizer” 512MB ATI Xenos Xbox 360Hard Drive 160GB or 320GB, may be replaced with any well known hard power 4GB or 250GB, can only be replaced with a selected form of difficult drive PS3RAM 256MB operating at three.2GHz 512MB working at 700MHz (because the RAM is shared with the GPU) PS3Disc Drive 25GB disc space can play DVD and Blu-Ray disc 7GB disc area can only read DVD PS3Networking 1GB/s Ethernet helps Wi-Fi 802.11g 100MB/s Ethernet, supports Wi-Fi 802.11n Xbox 360Connectivity Bluetooth 2.Zero, 2 USB 2.0 ports, most eight controllers can be connected No Bluetooth, five USB 2.Zero ports, most four stressed-out controllers and four wi-fi controllers may be connected PS3.

The single biggest benefit of the PS3 is its ability to play Blu-Ray discs. However, the net gaming provider furnished by way of Microsoft (Xbox Live) is far better than that furnished through Sony (PlayStation Network). Luckily, Microsoft has provided a Wi-Fi connector with its latest model, which has solved the problem of connectivity. Earlier models had been now not Wi-Fi enabled and hence needed external adapters to hook up with Xbox Live. Both the consoles play complete 1080p HD content material although and bring high fine virtual and analog sound, so this is an area that they’re almost the same at. Both the consoles also have their own motion gaming platforms now (the Move for the PS3 and the Kinect for the Xbox 360), and in this region, the PS3 trumps the Xbox 360 as nicely. Even though the Kinect possesses a groundbreaking generation, the extent of video games available for this platform is nevertheless at a nascent stage. The capacity to play video games with one controller is impressive, but Sony gives higher games for their Wii-like motion gaming platform, consequently giving them the brink. All in all, the PS3 is an advanced console for many exclusive motives.

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