Samsung Celebrates the Launch of New Chef Collection

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Samsung Electronics America, Inc., America’s fastest developing appliance brand, nowadays introduced the release of the new Chef Collection line of top-class built-in home equipment. Merging elegant layout and industry-leading era, Chef Collection brings Samsung’s maximum revolutionary and famous home appliance functions to the top rate built-in category.

According to recent studies using Houzz.

The leading platform for domestic remodeling and layout, the top reason owners renovate their kitchens, center around personalizing the space, whether or not it’s a recent home buy, updating an older kitchen, or eventually having the monetary means to upgrade. Chef Collection displays the aspirations of a brand new technology of trendy owners who look to the kitchen no longer simply as a room to cook dinner but as an advanced mirrored image of who they’re. The line includes specific chef-stimulated functions in a top-class full suite of wall ovens, cooktops, pro range, dishwasher, and fridges, inclusive of the enterprise’s first absolutely incorporated 42” Built-In 4-Door Flex version.

“The kitchen is the room we join and spend time with the circle of relatives and pals. It’s in which we relax, celebrate, nourish and create,” stated John Herrington, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics America. “With its beautiful design and surprising generation, Chef Collection enables and conjures up those vital moments in our lives.” To explore consumer developments and dynamics in the kitchen, Samsung invited Houzz to share current insights and research at Samsung 837 in New York City these days to have fun the launch of the Chef Collection line. Among Houzz’s key findings:

Homeowners are spending extra than ever on domestic renovations,

Especially first-time homeowners and Millennials (a long time 25-34). First-timers who sold their domestic in 2016 spent $33,800 on average, 22 percent more than the 12 months earlier. Over 1 / 4 of homeowners (28 percentage) consider the integration of clever era very crucial to their renovation. This is specifically genuine for first-time homebuyers, 35 percent of whom cite clever technology as very important to their home preservation choices. Kitchens are starting up more, making design greater essential than ever. More than half of (fifty-one percentage) of kitchen renovators on Houzz say they’re connecting it more seamlessly to an adjacent room, whilst 20 percentage are opening it to the outdoors.

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Samsung Chef Collection – Elegance, Style, and Technology within the Kitchen

The Samsung Chef Collection is the proper mixture of layout and technology with the performance features that customers assume. From flush installed wall ovens, to beveled edges at the cooktops and LED illuminated knobs that may effortlessly be seen from throughout the room – Chef Collection’s modern, easy and smooth look brings a new stage of elegance and style to the kitchen. And that is mainly critical given the trend of larger and greater open kitchens because of the hub of the house. All models are to be had in stainless or matte black chrome steel that enhances current kitchens’ layout today. The refrigerator and dishwasher are also panel-prepared to be custom designed to the particular aesthetic tastes of the homeowner as layout options exchange over the years.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Release Date, Price, Specs, and Everything You Needed to Know


Samsung’s camp is abuzz with pastime, with the upcoming release of the next-technology Samsung Galaxy Note to be only some months away. There are many interesting rumors floating around the internet that the approaching Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is poised to doubtlessly change the smartphone recreation and convey it to the subsequent stage. In this text, we test all of the buzzes and speculations surrounding the many capabilities of tSamsung’simminent top rate phone.

Rumored features and specs of the Galaxy Note 6


Not a whole lot is thought about the design yet. However, the Galaxy Note 6 may also sport the glass and metallic exterior that the South Korean tech giant appears to have made widespread for all its excessive-give-up gadgets. The Note 6 will in all likelihood have the identical simple form as its predecessor.


In terms of its screen, which is indisputably one of the nice functions of the Galaxy Note 5, the Note 6 is expected to come with a whopping 5.8-inch Super AMOLED display screen, even though it is suggested this will increase to 6 inches. That’s not all, both. Samsung is allegedly running on a new telephone with a bendable display to be released in 2016. It doesn’t take a marketing genius to determine that a cell phone with a foldable display might be a geek’s dream coming to life and – if performed nicely – will promote like hotcakes. It looks really modern. However, it’s far still unclear whether Samsung will provide a “Premium Edition” of the upcoming flagship with a foldable show.

Pressure-touchy characteristic

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 can also function a strain-sensitive display screen technology. The stress touchy technology works much like Apple’s 3-D Touch show launched with its iPhone S6. It is not out of the ordinary to see Samsung following Apple’s footsteps. It has been regarded to do it pretty nicely given its beyond statistics.


The camera will obviously be the center of interest. The rumor generators pronounced that this phablet will recreation one of the quality, highest-first-rate cameras you may discover on any smartphone. A 30-megapixel primary camera (coupled with Sony Sensor) and sixteen-megapixel selfie snapper are expected to satisfy the user’s capturing wishes. This might be a worthy improvement 16-megapixel number one shooter and five-megapixel front-going through digicam at the Galaxy Note 5. The digital camera is predicted to convey a plethora of latest, tons-wanted functions, wincluding4K video recording and Optical Image Stabilization (OIS).

Under the hood: quad-center Snapdragon SoC and Exynos Chipset

Now let’s communicate about what’s going to be underneath the hood powering the Galaxy Note 6. One factor that looks sure for the new telephone is the inclusion of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon

Curacao Celebrates Curacao Flag Day


Curacao Day: July 2, 2010

Curacao celebrates Curacao Flag Day as a public excursion.

The local population of the island of Curacao commemorates the founding of the island by the Spanish sailor Alonso de Ojeda in 1499.

History of Curacao Flag Day

The Arawak Amerindians have been the unique inhabitants of Curacao. The Spanish were first Europeans to see the island below Alonso de Ojeda’s leadership on this day in 1499. The indigenous populations had been exported to different colonies in which the Spaniards wanted employees. In 1634, the Dutch occupied the island. The Dutch West India Company on the banks of an inlet referred to as the ‘Schottegat’ founded the capital of Willemstad. Colonists formerly ignored Curacao because it lacked gold deposits. The herbal harbor of Willemstad, but, proved speedy to be an ideal spot for change.

With the invention of oil in 1914,

The fortune of the island was significantly changed. Royal Dutch Shell and the Dutch Government constructed considerable oil refinery centers, thereby developing an abundant supply of employment for the local populace and energizing a wave of immigration from neighboring international locations. Away from the South American mainland’s social and civil unrest, Curacao was a super site for the refinery but close enough to the Maracaibo Basin oil fields. The extraordinary natural harbor furnished first-rate lodging for big oil tankers. The enterprise delivered affluence to the island. Large housing projects were provided and Willemstad turned into capable of increase its own infrastructure.

Curacao joined the rest of the Caribbean in a noisy clamor for independence after World War II. Instead, what it got was a status of autonomy as an entity inside the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Curacao, alongside Bonaire, Saba, Sint Eustatius, and Sint Maarten, has become called the Netherlands Antilles. The workplace is in Willemstad, where it stays nowadays. Aruba separated later from the opposite 5 islands. The country these days has handiest three companions left: The Netherlands, the five islands of the Netherlands Antilles, and Aruba. In latest years, the island had capitalized on its specific history and history to expand its tourism industry.

Curacao Flag Day Traditions, Customs, and Activities

Every year the island of Curacao come alive with diverse folklore activities and cultural occasions on Curacao Day. Is know-how every other culture or us of a’s vacations essential? For any business operating, increasing or planning to paintings in a foreign country, public vacations are vital. Knowing whilst organizations are closed around the arena saves money, aggravation, and time. A Global World bridges cultural and world communications among people around the arena. When – where – why – how – vacations are celebrated is important for expertise and acknowledging different cultures.

The Three General Methods of Blood Collection

Blood series is an essential process in blood trying out. Proper blood series is needed to make sure the reliability of results. The preferred strategies for blood series are (notice that that is most effective a reference guide – you ought to handiest attempt this if you are an expert):

1. Venipuncture – It is the gathering of blood from the veins thru the usage of a needle and a syringe. In this method, the most not unusual venipuncture website is the antecubital fossa, wherein the cephalic, basilic, and mid-cubital veins are observed. This system is required while huge amounts of blood are needed to check out like in glucose, LDL cholesterol, uric acid, creatinine, alkaline phosphatase take a look at, and many blood chemistry determinations.

Materials needed

Gauge 20-22 needle, syringe, tourniquet, moist and dry cotton, 70 % isopropyl alcohol, vacutainer tubes, or take a look at tubes.


1.1. Remove the tourniquet first earlier than the needle. Patients who have blood dyscrasia may additionally bleed to demise.

1.2. Avoid the tourniquet’s prolonged software because it will reason venous stasis so that you can adversely affect the outcomes.

1.3. Do not jerk the needle out of the vein because it can injure the vein and cause discomfort

1.4. Do no longer puncture the vein via and through because this could cause the hematoma that is a bluish discoloration of the pores and skin.

1.Five. Allow the affected person to relaxation for at least 10 minutes to make certain that he does now not feel faint or that bleeding has stopped.

1.6. Sterilize earlier than puncturing to ensure that the technique is aseptic.

2. Capillary puncture – also known as fingerstick or finger puncture, is used. Simultaneously, smaller volumes of blood are needed, like while acting Complete Blood Counts (CBC), peripheral blood smears, and malarial smears. This technique is beneficial for pediatric, obese, and aged sufferers where veins are small and cannot be palpated. It may make use of the earlobe and big toe as puncture sites.

Materials wished

Lancet, capillaries, wet and dry cotton, 70 % isopropyl alcohol


2.1. Puncture most effective in the specified area may traumatize unintentional websites just like the bones.

2.2. Discard the primary drop as that is made up of tissue fluid.

2.3. Sterilize first before puncturing.

3. Arterial Puncture – is the collection of blood from the arteries. This is oxygenated blood, whilst venous blood is non-oxygenated blood. This is typically used in Blood Gas Analysis (BGA), in which the pH of blood, bicarbonate (HCO3), carbonic acid (H2CO3), and general carbon dioxide (TCO2) are determined

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