Top 7 Companies that Manufacture Gaming Computers

Are you planning to shop for a gaming laptop? Well, you have got many businesses to pick out from. This Buzzle article has enlisted 7 first-rate agencies that will help you pick the pinnacle gaming PC producer.

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Gaming Computers

Quick Tip! Before purchasing a Gaming PC, continually take a look at the features of the subsequent key components:

☞ Graphics Card
☞ Motherboard
☞ Processor
☞ Random Access Memory
Power Supply Unit
Hard Drive

Gaming computers are absolutely distinct from conventional PCs seeing that they are completely dedicated to gambling video games. Such machines need to be extremely powerful, i.E, they must be properly equipped for heavy gaming, permit smooth enhancements, have tremendous cooling mechanisms, appear exact, and especially have an exceptionally high speed. Many groups inside the market manufacture such computers, which might be custom-made to meet gaming lovers’ needs. Here, we talk about some of the exceptional and maximum popular gaming PC manufacturers that will help you determine which of them are worth having a look at.


Alienware Corporation is one of the leading producers of high-overall performance gaming computer systems established in Miami. It was based using Alex Aguila and Nelson Gonzalez in 1996. However, it was acquired via Dell, Inc. in 2006. Some of the business enterprise’s merchandise particularly, “Area-fifty one,” “Aurora,” “ALX,” and “Lightspeed,” have won monstrous popularity inside a brief time body due to their exceedingly high performance that has appealed to the target market. The corporation uses present-day technology processors, photographs playing cards, and hard drives, which can be vital for heavy gaming packages—the variety of their structures in rate between USD 799 and USD 5000.

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Maingear is a privately owned laptop production enterprise based totally in Kenilworth, N.J. It turned into based through Jonathan Magalhaes and Wallace Santos in 2002. It sells custom-made gaming notebooks and computers and high-quit workstations. Maingear boasts of remarkable one-on-one non-public customer service, which its competitors lack. It has earned a monstrous reputation inside the shape of several industry awards, including the 2014 Intel Mobility Innovation Award for its Pulse 17, a great-skinny, outstanding-fast gaming pocketbook laptop.

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Falcon Northwest

Falcon Northwest changed into installed in 1992, and on account of that, it has gained sturdy recognition for making custom-constructed machines for gaming fanatics. Some in their renowned merchandise consist of Mach V, Talon, FragBox, and the Tiki’s cutting-edge, which includes the quickest unmarried-pics card configuration. The agency manufactures and provides ok product help to their customers from their headquarter in Medford, Oregon, located in the Pacific Northwest.

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DigitalStorm is one of the excessive-velocity gaming PC producers within the marketplace, which has been within the gaming industry because 2002. The company works in compliance with the accreditation requirements of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and has continuously retained an ‘A+’ score. It offers quite a several products which can be priced among USD six hundred and USD 5000.

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Lenovo is a Chinese PC production organization, which turned into previously called ‘Legend.’ This is one of the biggest brand names worldwide nowadays, having an extensive array of merchandise starting from revolutionary PCs to cellular internet devices. Their gaming merchandise consists of Lenovo Y collection laptops, Lenovo K Series, Lenovo B Series, and Eraser X Series gaming computers. This series offers a selection of models with exclusive configurations that cater to the consumers’ particular necessities.

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Origin PC has been making custom gaming desktops and laptops worthy of playing state-of-the-art games because it became hooked up within the year 2009. The organization is co-based by using Kevin Wasielewski, Richard Cary, and Hector Penton, who was soon the Alienware employee. The agency claims to supply excessive-quit gaming overall performance using the latest revolutionary technologies for the meeting. One of their products, named ‘GTX TITAN Z,’ uses the fastest ever snapshots card manufactured using NVIDIA.

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CyberPowerPC is one of the quickest growing PC structure production agencies primarily based in L.A. The corporation has many customized gaming systems that use modern-day technology yet are to be had at wholesale costs. Along with this, they also provide superb after-sales technical aid to their clients.

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The aforementioned listing will help you shortlist the best alternatives for choosing your gaming computer. Search for the features you need to have on your device, and you will actually find the correct fit.

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