Tune into the top 5 most-watched monsoon hits with a wifi connection

How beautiful is it to sit with a hot cup of coffee and your favourite munchies, curled up in your blanket and watching your favourite movie or series. Now that’s what we call a day well spent! You can do this and so much more online on a rainy day with a good wifi connection.

These days most of the newly released movies are available online on OTT platforms like Prime Video, Netflix, or Disney+ Hotstar. If you are more interested in regional content, there are OTT platforms dedicated just for regional language content.

Confused which series or movie to binge watch this rainy season? Let us help you out.

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Stranger Things

The most awaited, Stranger Things Season 4 is finally here. If you are a fan of sci-fi, this is the series for you! Originally released in 2016, the series features 4 teenage friends. The group witnesses horror and supernatural forces and later find out that everything is a well-kept secret by the government.

Over the next 2 seasons, the group along with friends and family reveal the secret and understand more about the otherworld creatures.

Teenage love and heartbreak also work as a sub plot for the series. You can watch all 4 seasons online on Netflix.

Peaky Blinders

A British crime drama you absolutely will get hooked to; Peaky Blinders is set in the post WW1 England. The series follows the activities of a Birmingham gang called Peaky Blinders. The series and the gang exploits are loosely based on a real Peaky Blinders gang which was active in the late 80s and early 90s.

The lead Thomas Shelby is played by Cillian Murphy. The last sixth season of the series was released in June 2022 on Netflix.

K.G.F chapter 2

The third highest grossing film of all time, K.G.F chapter 2 is a story of a son’s promise to his dying mother. The blood-soaked land of Kolar Gold Fields is now ruled by that son named Rocky. Grew up in narrow streets of Mumbai as a shoe polisher, Rocky is here to make a name for himself.

Seen as a threat by the government, Rocky is somewhat a Robinhood for the people he saved from oppression and barbarian rule in K.G.F.

You can watch both chapters of the movie on Amazon Prime Video in multiple languages including Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, and more.


The Marvel TV Universe has released yet another groundbreaking psychological thriller called Moonknight. The very first season of the series has left the audience wanting for more!

Available to watch on Disney+ Hotstar, Moonknight revolves around a simple museum gift-shop clerk who has dissociative identity disorder. Golden Globes winner Oscar Issac beautifully justifies his role as a simple clerk and American mercenary as well as avatar of Egyptian Moon God ‘Khonsu.’

The series is well researched and makes multiple reference to the Egyptian mythology and their afterlife theories.


The Viral Fever is back with yet another heart-touching series of grassroot India. A series so relatable that you can sit, and binge watch with your whole family.

The story revolves around an engineering graduate named Abhishek who finds it hard to get a job in the city. After a lot of struggles, he ends up working for a panchayat in an Indian village.

The series progresses and features multiple mundane issues he faces on a daily basis.

Wrapping up

If you wish to watch these top hits of the monsoon season online, get a wireless wifi connection that gives you high-speed round the clock.

You can check the industry top operators online like Airtel, Jio, etc., to get a wifi connection in your location. Compare the prices and speed offered to make the right decision.

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