5 Tips for Beginners to Play QWOP on a Computer Like a Pro

Here’s a recreation it is simple, however at the equal time in really fun to play. QWOP is a 4-key going for walks game created by using Bennett Foddy. Here’s how to play QWOP, in conjunction with a few suggestions and hints to win at it, introduced to you through Buzzle.
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Q-W-O-P Record
The Guinness World Record is held by using Roshan Ramachandra, a resident of Karnataka, India, for doing the fastest one hundred m run in QWOP, on April 10, 2013, completing it in only 51 seconds.
QWOP is a flash game which changed into released in November 2008. There are also cellular variations that have been launched for Android and iOS structures, which call for the use of thumbs in preference to keys.

The participant controls an athlete QWOP, who is the neighborhood carrying hero of a rich use of an inside the Scandinavian Alps. Due to incorrect investment, QWOP isn’t always a genuinely top runner, as visible from the deliberately horrific controls. The recreation is quite difficult to play because it calls for perfect coordination of one’s hands. It receives simply humorous whilst one struggles at the controls, making the athlete swing or flail, and at times doing some thing like a back-turn. The sport really requires 4 buttons, however, is four hundred times more tough than real-existence going for walks. Let’s take a brief observe the fundamental controls of the game, and also a few strategies to help you play it like an expert.

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Basic Controls

The recreation starts with the commands screen. Use ‘Q’, ‘W’, ‘O’, and ‘P’ keys to govern the athlete. The easiest manner to make a hit run is to recognize the controls and the stances concerned in an actual-existence run.

Thigh Movement

Q movements the anterior thigh forward (the one dealing with the participant), and the posterior thigh lower back.

W actions the posterior thigh ahead, and the anterior thigh returned (opposite of Q).

Calf Movement

O moves the anterior calf ahead, and the posterior one returned.

P moves the posterior calf forward and the anterior one back (contrary of O).

Tips To Play


While playing, assume that the upper frame is just a bit of dead weight which desires to be balanced by limb moves. Try and visualize the special stances of a sprinter. How does he begin strolling? You can without a doubt strive to see your stance in a replicate whilst making a run.

A runner would usually lean barely ahead and shift greater of his frame weight inside the direction of his run. When taking step one, he raises the thigh of 1 leg and pushes himself forward together with his different leg, and repeats this all alongside his run. Though it sounds clean here, it is tougher while gambling QWOP, however, it’s genuinely important to get the physics proper.


Start through tapping O more than one instances so that the athlete barely leans ahead, along with his anterior calf transferring in advance.


Once his function appears ok, press Q and P to take step one. The function of this step ought to be such that his anterior thigh have to be parallel to the ground, and the opposite one at around 60 ranges from the floor. (Refer to the illustration underneath)



Now you’ll push the anterior leg lower back and get the posterior one forward. So, basically, you need to repeat the placement inside the previous step, however inversely. Press W and O to perform this.


Keep alternating between PQ and WO to make a right run, however, be careful approximately timing. If you sense that the athlete is leaning an excessive amount of backward or ahead, use W and P or Q and O, respectively, to save you him from falling down.

Keep training that allows you to ideal your timing and coordination. You can play QWOP online on a computer without spending a dime, or buy the cell versions for the equal. See you at the end line!

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