Common Issues that Home Inspectors Look For

Many people have dreamt of a perfect house to spend their lives in with their loved ones. Whether it is a rental or the one you have purchased. But it is sensible to get the home inspected by professionals before you break the deal. Many homebuyers hire professional home inspectors to identify these problems that a house must have. It is a good idea because your real estate agent cannot tell you regarding all the pros and cons of a home that you are willing to acquire.

Another thing is that you cannot inspect the house all the time on your own and may even not know about the hidden areas. When it comes to home inspecting companies, they are trained for this work. They will present you a detailed report of all the areas that need to be redone in a simplified form. Therefore, these reports will help you conclude whether that home is worth the money or living.

Here are some common issues that home inspectors look for-

Basements and Crawlspaces- Basements are sensitive places that must be kept in reasonable condition since they are easily affected by mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can create dark patches and dampness that can deter homebuyers from considering the place. Mildew odor signals that the basement is too moist. The high moisture level is achieved because of the water leakages from the drains and pipeline systems. The treatment to use dehumidifiers or improving the HVAC systems. If these areas are badly eaten up by mold, homebuyers can lock the deal at a reduced price or may change their mind of buying it.

Roof and Chimneys- Deteriorated shingles, downspouts and missing roof coverings can be a sign of a weak and worn out roof that can fall of any time. Moist or rotted elements beneath the shingles are likely to draw attention towards repairs. The chimney must be inspected too since the base of the chimney could be vulnerable to water leaks, and that mortar and bricks may not be in good condition.

Plumbing- Professional home inspectors can extend their services towards plumbing too. They check water pressure by turning on various taps, faucets, flushing toilets and draining dishwashers to find out the hidden leaks. They may assess the health of the septic system. It is important because overlooking plumbing errors can lead to further problems such as the growth of mold and dampness in the wall, that can be really expensive to cure.

Electrical Systems- The house consists of the main circuit board that has a circuit breaker configuration. The systems can change over time depending upon the codes. Therefore, inspectors can scrutinize receptacles with ground fault circuit interrupters in bathrooms and kitchens. These receptacles prevent the shocks by breaking the mini circuits during a short circuit. They check whether these receptacles are in a working condition or not. They may examine the wiring of the house and state of the switches and plugins to ensure the safety of the residents.


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