EU fair to show off academic possibilities for Filipinos

Twenty-four better education establishments from Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom will participate in this year’s European Higher Education Fair (EHEF), the European Union stated on Sunday.

“Education has continually been and could stay a pinnacle precedence for Filipinos,” EU Ambassador to the Philippines Franz Jensen said. “Many have discovered that the better education institutions inside the European Union offer possibilities beyond contrast.”

“With this 12 months’ theme being

‘Sustaining Innovation and Excellence,’ EHEF 2017 goals to exhibit each innovation in coaching and studying techniques and curriculum par excellence of participating better education establishments to a growing quantity of prospective Filipino students,” he brought.

The EU ambassador confused that schooling “must no longer be restrained in the 4 walls of the lecture room,” adding that the EU gives a further possibility for students.
“Through EHEF, we want to encourage all Filipino students, instructors, contributors of the academe to grab this opportunity and enjoy diverse and wonderful publish-graduate and doctorate diploma packages from pinnacle-notch EU universities,” Jessen delivered.
According to the ambassador, this yr additionally marks the birthday celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus+ Program, an EU-funded program that gives help to training, schooling, kids, and sports in Europe.

PTE Academic Test and IELTS Similarities


There exist lots of difference between the test styles and formats of each the IELTS and PTE Academic check. But there are sure similarities major. Firstly both are standardized language exams carried out to test the language capabilities of prospective candidates who’re willing to pursue a career overseas. To test whether or not the candidates will be capable of living to tell the tale in the new instructional environment wherein English handiest would be the medium of training and communique. Both those tests pave manner to the candidate to comply with their dreams and attain their instructional tasks. The concept or idea in the back of engaging in these exams is one.

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Next similarity we can kingdom is that both the tests comply with the same old CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) scale ratings while maintaining the ratings or bands and therefore the ratings and bands are prevalent in many countries around the arena as a part of the eligibility criteria for schooling or immigration. These assessments enjoy huge acceptability all through the arena because of the same old.

Another similarity we can notice is the writing part of each the exams

. For instance, the writing task-2 in IELTS is pretty just like the writing essay in PTE Academic test. Both these duties count on applicants to put in writing an essay for the given subject matter with a slight trade inside the phrase restriction. In IELTS project-2 essay writing the phrase, the limit might be 250-280 words to be written on sheets of paper, while in PTE-A writing segment the essay writing word restriction may be 2 hundred-300 words and the candidate has to type it at the gadget. The evaluation criteria for each these duties may be comparable in which the candidates’ task reaction, grammatical range, and accuracy, lexical useful resource, and content is assessed and taken into attention even as scoring.

Another similarity is in analyzing a part of each the assessments. Multiple preference questions are there in both the checks wherein applicants must pick out correct alternatives as in step with the information given in the textual content. The technique to answer these query kinds is comparable in each the assessments. That is to say, a candidate has to skim and scan the text to search for viable and appropriate solutions. The Same approach works for each the checks in this query kind.

Progress and Possibilities – January Brings Hope for New Achievements


I need to rename the first month on my calendar “Progress,” “Possibilities,” or possibly “Promise.” January brings the hope for brand new achievements–a glowing begin for the brand new 12 months, all shiny and vibrant.

January is an excuse to reinvent ourselves, our enterprise, our domestic, our lives. Each new 12 months, I come to be excited about the opportunities for renewal.

I begin by means of dreaming approximately my desires and projects, both quick and lengthy-term. I write them down, making them actual. I then sort these desires with categories.

I make my listing like a scroll, too long most usually.

As I draft my listing with goals and steps to obtain them, I start to parse the listing into real possibilities and flow some to my want listing.

Each day, I write a list as even though I finished it already. Later, I take a look at of my completed obligations. Instant pleasure!

Some days, matters show up and I want to alternate my agenda to address them. I realize that is irritating when I already made a brilliant game plan. I then add those items to the day after today and prioritize my list, I want flexibility.

I try and make small moments remember. Sometimes, I take a couple of minutes out to finish a quick mission together with filing five documents, write a card to a person, ship a short email, draft notes for a challenge, study something useful, or study one or emails, reply, after which document them. While I am on keep at some stage in a call, I will live busy with something.

Even my small obligations upload up toward fine development.

Sometimes, I merely breathe, revel in the view, or daydream for a mental and bodily destroy. Remember, these are all proper things.

When you make an incremental attempt for your assignment, you’re making some moves. You are constructing momentum and possibly you aren’t recognizing the impact yet. You will subsequently observe the adjustments you’re making and unexpectedly you’ll sense a stage of fulfillment. Don’t stop, hold going. Feel the inspiration. Use this as a spur to incite the movement.

Your attempt will start to evolve greater closer to development. Eventually, you will experience the glow of fulfillment from your finished mission.

Ahhh, January, you bring a clean new 12 months full of progress, opportunities, and promise.

“Well executed is higher than properly said.”–Benjamin Franklin.

Filipinos Do Speak Spanish


When you tour to the Philippines, it is excellent to have a basic information of English and Spanish, due to the fact even among Filipinos who don’t communicate Spanish fluently, there are thousands of Spanish loanwords in the indigenous Malay languages of the Philippines.

Many humans are mistaken in assuming that the Filipino subculture is intermixed with influences from the Spanish lifestyle, but it’s, in reality, a mistake because the national Filipino culture did not exist until the Spaniards arrived within the 1500s, and neither did the word Filipino. The Filipino subculture is a result of the cultural blend of the indigenous Malay cultures, Spanish impacts which can be inescapable in the names, the languages, and within the ancestry of the Filipino humans, and additionally a strong Chinese effect.

I continually visit discussion board

And message forums and feature a good examine, and not unusual sentences are “If Filipinos spoke Spanish…”, “Filipinos do not talk Spanish” “If Filipinos spoke Spanish today…” “Only vintage Filipinos speak Spanish.” “The most effective sort of Spanish within the Philippines is Chabacano…”

I’m 24 years old. When I become in Manila two years in the past, I visited my remarkable aunt, who I became informed turned into becoming senile, so I assumed that she probably would not recognize me due to the fact it’s been thirteen years since she had visible me, but I became amazed that the moment I arrived, walked up the steps to our old Spanish colonial style domestic, and entered the sala, she referred to as me by using my first call and began telling me about how tall I became and how I appearance so “mestizo” with my brown hair blended with my facial functions. I advised my super aunt, “No, you appearance mestiza!” And she laughed and stated, “No, I’m an Indio!”, the irony being of direction that these words have been popping out of my amazing aunt status there with her porcelain white pores and skin, putting green eyes, sharp pointed nose, and wavy hair that was black but is now a lovely snow white.

Of route, we are just using the word mestizo in Philippine

Vvernacular relating to appearance. Referring to my previous articles on our blog approximately the phrase mestizo, a long way be it for me to present a lecture to my exquisite aunt about how the phrase mestizo is being used in a one of a kind way inside the Philippines and is spreading miseducation among Filipinos about our actual racial ancestry as a country, specifically while she’s the one who speaks best Spanish and found out it as her first language. But at the same time, it’s also understandable that phrases exchange meanings in one of a kind countries, and it’s only a natural part of language evolution.

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