How To Change Your WordPress Blog Theme In Three Easy Steps


PHP love blogging. It’s just that Net Maddy easy. If I ought to spend my whole day handiest writing articles for my personal blogs and earn a respectable residing doing so, I would.

As I strive to create that utopia, I locate myself continuously tweaking my existing blogs on the way to enhance advert revenue and conversion fees (what number of site visitors absolutely click on commercials). One of the most sizeable elements of a blog with the intention to either convince your new visitors to stay or pressure them to show and run away, is the classy exceptional of your website.

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Let’s face it, if your blog seems like it becomes designed through some man instantly out of a 1995 “Introduction to Web Page Design” magnificence, you may wager they gained hang around, and that they really won’t join your blog. However, in case your template looks as if it’s created by way of a Web 2.0 guru with one finger on the pulse of social networks and the other dabbling in excessive-tech widgets – your visitors may be impressed enough to virtually test what you’ve got to mention.

To that case, I’ve decided to absolutely revamp the WordPress template of certainly one of my blogs, and I need to reveal MakeUseOf readers how splendidly easy it is to trade your WordPress blog subject.


How To Change Your WordPress Blog Theme In 3 Easy Steps

The website that I’m going to perform on is a mystical blog called Invisible Articles. The site has been doing fairly properly, but I noticed that it hasn’t seen the identical visitors because the original model built on Blogger’s unfastened platform. After going for walks the weblog for some months, I found out why. This is the present day look of the mystical weblog.

Trade WordPress topic

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This is the Arthemia subject matter created by means of Michael Hutagalung. It’s an top notch theme that helps you to build your blog primarily based on an e-zine or information website appearance and feel. Unfortunately, I discovered too late that most paranormal fans don’t really need the web sites they go to to look like an e-zine with a white historical past and a nicely laid out menu bar of classes.

What this crowd appears for are darkish backgrounds, spooky and fascinating imagery and lots of cool hyperlinks and widgets. So, I’ve decided to fall back on one of my favorite WordPress themes known as Ikarus.

Step 1 – Install The New Theme

Want to attempt out a brand new subject? It’s head-slappingly easy. All you need to do is down load the WordPress subject of your preference after which reproduction that theme (at the side of all subfolders) to the /wp-content/themes folder beneath your WordPress set up the listing.


Change WordPress subject

I use the JavaFTP web based totally patron to switch the files, however, you can use some thing FTP patron you want. If there are a whole lot of files in the topic, it may time out if you try to switch the entire discern folder, so you may also need to drill down and transfer one subfolder at a time. Once you’re completed shifting all of the topic documents up to the “themes” folder of your WordPress weblog, the new subject matter will show up to your WordPress manage panel beneath the “Appearance” menu option.

Alternate WordPress theme

Ready to exchange your blog’s entire subject inside the blink of an eye fixed? Just click on on the subject matter image and then click on “Activate,” and you’re accomplished! Well…type of.

Step 2: Configuring The Theme Options

Now that I’ve switched issues, my blog fashion has completely changed – it’s like night and day! I’m very thrilled by way of how significantly the new subject has absolutely modified the “experience” of this paranormal website online, however as you could tell there are nonetheless plenty of the default images and settings that still aren’t working and don’t appearance proper.

Exchange blog subject matter

If this has been my first time doing this, I’d probably freak out because I’ve spent many hours getting my last subject matter to look simply right. But this time I understand that I can without problems transfer again by clearly activating the old topic if I ought to.

Customizing the subject can be specified depending on the theme you down load, but in widespread the things you’ll need to personalize will consist of the header photograph, or emblem, of your weblog, your advertisements, and commonly you’ll want to configure embedded widgets or code, like photo slideshows or video players. Many of those may be to be had to customize in a nice options form underneath the WordPress “Appearance” tab.


Exchange blog theme

In my case for Ikarus, it’s the “IKARUS Options” item, and this properly-programmed topic helps you to fill the fields for pictures and hyperlinks for the ads, customize colors and change the header image. With a few simple tweaks (and a few short photograph introduction), my new template is nearly performed.

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