How To Look Fashionable With Glasses

Eyewear Trends

Eyewear has become very trendy in this day and age that we live in. People wear glasses for all types of reasons. Some, to protect against the sun, others to protect against the blue light from their computer screens, others for actual medical conditions and others for mere fashion trends. Glasses are very interesting and give a completely different look to the user. At times you may simply want a change in your appearance and do not know how to get incorporate the change without changing your whole closet. Changing or gaining eyewear would be a great start as it will give a new sophisticated look to your face all together. It may enhance your cheekbone or elongate your face altogether. Regardless, it will bring great change to your outward appearance. Different trends are on the market now, some are going for a retro look when it comes to the specs that we all love. Some are going for an older school look as well. Regardless of what it is make sure that you try on the glasses before making your purchase.

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Choosing The Lenses To Use

In the event that the glasses are being used for medical condition it is important to choose between the 1.67 vs 1.74 high index lenses, depending on which one would be best for you to use. That choice could be made by yourself if you have experience with lenses or could be made with a physician or some medical expert that would be able to guide you adequately. It all depends on your eye condition and how much usage you would actually need. Some people wear their glasses all day whiles others only use it when reading a book or an article online. Make sure to mention all these details to your physician as that would help them to best guide you to the right prescription eyewear. Some of the lenses are thick and some are thin, so all of these factors will come into play when considering what glasses to purchase.


Once your decision is made as to what type of glasses to wear, do not forget to take care of them! Make sure that the lenses are nicely cleaned with a clean cloth (to avoid scratched) every night before going to bed. The lenses can be cleaned with a wet cloth or sometimes a product specifically made for the eyewear. Maintenance is very important in order to avoid buildup and worse, damage to the actual lenses. Try as much as possible to keep your glasses in a case so as not to get any scratches on the surface or damage the lenses. Glasses are very delicate and can also be very expensive therefore it is important to take great care. In the event that you will be using your eyewear for fashion reasons you may want to take a look at your clothing as well to decide what type of glasses will match with what type of clothes. The color must also be taken into consideration as well as the size

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