Important and Crucial Pros and Cons of Beauty Pageants

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Beauty pageants are high-quality a laugh and feature lots glitz and glam. But each coin has two sides, and there is a turn facet to this as well. The article beneath highlights the professionals and cons of beauty pageants.
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Remember the movie Miss Congeniality? Sandra Bullock, (detective Gracie Hart), the prototypical tomboyish girl (due to the fact she is an FBI agent), with ample small, gray cells, is going absolutely bonkers when she has to take part in a beauty competition for an FBI operation. She is virtually made approximately it, because consistent with her, these contests are a sham. Moreover, simplest beauties without brains participate in such contests changed her mindset. Nevertheless, real existence apart, in real lifestyles, these pageants are possibly now not so bad as they’re from time to time idea to be. Just like the entirety else, but, there might be some negativity connected to it.

Pros and Cons of Beauty Pageants

The Process


First things first, the technique via that you become a match and worth enough to go into a festival is an certainly rigorous one and teaches you a lot. As the contestant’s progress in the direction of the pageant and the crown, the whole experience is enthralling and may be existence changing.


The technique needs very hard work; go away alone the physical needs, this type of contest takes a toil to your intellectual nation as properly. That can be worse than the physical stress.


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Presenting yourself flawlessly and gracefully in the front of the others is a wonderful booster for your self-confidence. Furthermore, looking excellent is any other asset and habit you get into through the sort of contest.


It is possible that such contests can also make a contribution to you turning into too superficial. You may additionally deliver significance simplest to outer look in place of sensing the deeper which means of a persona.



A splendor festival isn’t always just about being profitable for you as a person, but it is profitable within the materialistic experience as nicely (who would not mind incomes some good dollars, eh!). Most of the time, competition winners get coins prizes, a threat to tour, discover locations, and earn scholarships too. This is similar to the trophy or crown and ribbon.


Too plenty of touring for the pageant results in financial and emotional pressure on all own family individuals. Earning lots might also contribute to growing your ego as well, that is detrimental in your persona.



A pageant can assist people to grow to be cross-getters and reap what they want. Consequently, individuals who win are brimming with self-assurance.


Those who are mentally now not strong enough might not be able to bear the ache of losing and not achieving what they need. This can lead them to move in melancholy. Those who win would possibly grow to be snobbish and over-confident, paying no heed to others.


They say that you’re, but you in no way realize what the judges have on their mind. But there are a few who vehemently claim that the judges do check the intelligence of the contestants and there are activities where they can display their intelligence.


Your intelligence and congeniality are examined in these contests; there are various sports where contestants can display their intelligence.


Many claim that now not all pageants have judges who test the intelligence quotient of the candidates; consequently, this makes them feel like decked-up dolls instead of clever people.



The winner or the top five or 10 contestants have a remarkable chance to be role fashions for the ‘mere mortals’. Be it social provider or excelling in their careers and lecturers, this is what they put throughout for others to observe.


There are many who may misuse this platform for all the wrong reasons and for their vested interest, rather than doing something for others.

If you propose to take part in this sort of contest, this is excellent; avoid going overboard about it. There are a few who can visit any volume to be the Miss. Or Mr. Perfect and still lose everything. Moreover, the race to have that best body and face can result in consuming issues negative for an individual’s health.

These factors should be severely considered by the ones trying to go into a splendor festival. An individual ought to have a totally strong cause and self-willpower to sail via. Only then it’s far well worth a shot. This is absolutely applicable to what Oscar Wilde had stated approximately beauty – “No object is so beautiful that, under sure situations, it’s going to no longer appearance ugly.”

Robyn H. Dragoo