Kyma Demonstrates 200mm GaN-on-QST Templates

Kyma Technologies, a developer of wide bandgap semiconductor substances technology, has used its new K200 hydride vapor phase epitaxy (HVPE) boom tool to supply high nice 200mm diameter GaN on QST (Qromis Substrate Technology) templates.

This follows the enterprise’s declaration in 2016 of its demonstration of 150mm diameter GaN on QST templates in partnership with Promise (previously Quora Technology) and its current assertion of the commissioning of Kyma’s K200 HVPE boom tool.

Pictured above one of the tested 200mm diameter HVPE GaN

On QST templates which consists of 10 microns of HVPE GaN grown on a five micron MOCVD GaN on QST wafer supplied by using Qromis.X-ray diffraction rocking curve line-widths for the templates fall in the variety of 250 and 330 arc-sec for the symmetric 002) and asymmetric 102 XRD peaks, respectively, which is regular with excessive structural great. Low wafer bow (~50 microns) and easy floor morphology advise these substances ought to assist excessive performance device manufacturing.

Kyma’s newly constructed K200 HVPE tool is said to symbolize a primary for the enterprise and became designed by Kyma engineers to allow uniform and rapid increase of excessive fine GaN on some of the extraordinary substrates.

“We have effectively transferred the manner for making excessive fine GaN to our K200 HVPE device. The structural exceptional of the GaN produced on Qromis’ QST substrate is top notch. We are currently enticing with customers interested by big diameter GaN on QST templates,” stated Keith Evans, Kyma’s president, and CEO.

Kyma and Qromis are partnered for this work below a Kyma-led US DOE Phase IIB SBIR with award variety DE-SC0009653.

Promise these days commenced manufacturing 200mm

QST substrates and GaN-on-QST wafers the usage of its foundry associate Vanguard International Semiconductor (VIS). VIS is making plans to offer GaN power device production services on 8-inch diameter QST platform in 2018.

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Promis co-founder and CEO Cem Basceri introduced: “Qromis’ CMOS fab-friendly 200-mm diameter QST substrates and GaN-on-QST wafers represent a disruptive generation, permitting GaN epitaxy from some microns to loads of microns for GaN electricity packages from 100V to at least one,500V or beyond GaN electricity gadgets, in lateral, quasi-vertical or vertical paperwork, on the identical 8-inch or 12-inch production platform at Si electricity tool fee. Kyma’s K200 HVPE technology represents an important cost-upload to QST-based totally GaN electricity tool manufacturing with the aid of permitting the low price deposition of a thicker and decrease illness density GaN surface that is nearly achievable using MOCVD boom by myself.”

How Christ Demonstrates His Love For His People Through Songs


Modern worship is inspired with the aid of the e-book of psalms in part. It is also inspired by the aid of different books of the bible and demonstrates how a lot god loves us. God shows his love for the world thru tune and lots of early scripture songs were based totally on the psalm texts possibly extra than they are these days.

However, the connection between modern-day singers which can be secular and Christian singers isn’t the same. It cannot be the identical due to the fact Christian singers base their words on the Bible. They use Christian scripture to convey which means and existence to their songs. Secular singers do not use the Bible despite the fact that from time to time they is probably stimulated to apply some thing that has influenced them. Most of the time modern-day singers have a tendency to sing approximately their existence which may additionally contain swear words and topics inclusive of sex or drugs.

The Christian composer of modern songs in ways different than

The composer of historic songs. Today there may be rock, pop, heavy steel, hip-hop and more. Historically tune become far distinctive, however, it still reflected the message that Jesus loves us. Music of nowadays is extra up beat and within the big element, it has an emotional effect on us. Sometimes the song can carry us from an awful mood or encourage us to do some thing suitable. On the other hand, the tune of an earthly nature can impact us to do the incorrect element.

Music that stocks God’s love illuminates the words or spirit of the Bible. It is outstanding to take a seat and concentrate on Christian song while we’re feeling low or just when we need to spend time in God’s presence. Certain songs display a dedication to God and reveal what He did for us at the go.

God has talented many singers with a musical life. Without God, they might not be as stimulated to write the songs that have such effect on many human beings all over the world. Such songs can educate us about scriptural facts and supply revelation of which can be based totally on the Bible. God can communicate to many thru songs that have been written via Christian singers.

God said that we have to make a completely happy noise unto Him which is written in Psalms 100. Surely then it’s far telling us that track is the present from God? There are many rather nice songwriters which can be stimulated by God to put in writing the tune. They might have a prophetic present to hear God’s voice and translate what He is announcing into phrases that may be sung.

Shane Barnard and Shane Everett are each outstanding

Musicians who have been blessed by God to sing and write songs. Jennifer Knapp is every other excellent artist whose songs are the very present day. Some extraordinary heavy metal singers exist that sing approximately God’s phrase. Whilst, not each person likes heavy steel there is the vintage kind of conventional hymns for individuals who do not like cutting-edge day music.

We have to sense privileged that we’ve got so many outstanding Christian singers on this international that God has talented to sing His message of affection. Even none Christian humans are actually being attentive to the song that has a Christian message and this is ideal due to the fact they are capable of pay attention the message of the Bible. Some people do not even understand that the tune they’re listening to has a Christian message of God’s love for them, however, at the least, they may be paying attention to it. We have to all sing and make a completely satisfied noise unto the Lord.

How to Shave a Design for Your Pubic Hair – Including Templates, Stencils & Designs


The fashion of pubic hair grooming is one that appears to have elevated during the last 20 years, mainly whilst you check celebrities and porn stars who aren’t ashamed of displaying us the entirety that God gave them. Some pick to head completely bare down there, others depart a thin strip of hair (regularly known as a touchdown strip), a few might also simply trim round the rims of the hair to maintain it looking compact, and nevertheless others may go the greater mile to virtually trim or wax shapes into their pubic mounds.

The latter may additionally seem ways too complicated and time-consuming for some, however, there may be a massive call for for creative pubic hair designs, stencils, and templates.

Most humans propose using a rechargeable or electric powered non-public shaver to achieve the sample you need in your pubic patch, however in case you use a small razor, have a consistent hand and take the more time, you could accomplish precise effects with moist shaving, too, that is what we can attention on here. Using a product which includes Venereous Shaving Oil and/or Venereous Shaving Jelly will will let you see all of the hairs you will be operating on and also you won’t want to stability a template on pinnacle of a glob of shaving foam. With these Venereous products you could even use a marker to draw around the template onto your skin which also approach you may not need an extra pair or hands to keep the template in location (despite the fact that that virtually may want to make it a lot more a laugh!)

Once you’ve got discovered the shape you need

Print out the page, reduce out the preferred photo and you are equipped to move. You’ll likely need to print the pattern on a bit of card inventory or paste it onto heavier paper after you’ve reduce the shape from plain paper. Sure, you’ll want to cut it all out again however this may additionally provide you with a risk to smooth up any moderate imperfections from the first cut out. Or pass the primary reduce out, stick the cardboard inventory at the back of your sample and reduce both pieces out right away! The predominant gain of the heavier paper is that it will be less complicated to preserve in location and work around whilst you start shaving around it.

Whether that is your first time shaving or your 50th, you will probably need to trim the location first with scissors to even out your pubic hair. This now not best makes it less difficult to put the template over but it’s going to additionally give you a greater reported layout while you’re completed.


Once you’ve got trimmed the area, you will need to unfold on a layer of your preferred shaving product after which vicinity the template to your mound. At this factor, you may need an extra pair of fingers or a mirror…Or each! This will assist you to line up the shape to your frame to make certain you have got simply the right placement. If you want to apply a marker to hint the template as opposed to protecting the layout in a location in the course of the shave, you will need to try this before setting on any shaving oil or jelly. One of the blessings of tracing the pattern is that you do not have to worry approximately the template transferring round whilst you work.

With your template in the vicinity (or traced),

Start at the threshold of the stencil and pull your razor away from the layout. Keep repeating this system till you have turned around the whole template but strive now not to move the template earlier than you are completed. If it does slide out of the location, do your high-quality to line it up again to keep away from any uneven edges in your layout.

Once you have got your simple design define reduce, dispose of the template and use your razor to easy up and best your shape. Just be careful not to dip into the shape! If you should get off course, don’t panic. In a few days your hair will start filling up the mistake and you can trim the pattern out as favored. If the shape would not show as truely as you need, your hair may be a chunk too lengthy…Or too brief. Try trimming the entirety all the way down to a good period…And if it receives too short, simply wait some days and watch your shape grow in.



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