The Best Portable Vaporizer For Robust Sessions

There are some pretty big brand names out there in the portable vaporizer industry that use incredible technologies to provide stellar and unique vaporizing experiences to their customers. Some that come to mind are the Firefly, PAX, and DaVinci, featuring cool touch sensor technology or connection to smartphone applications for fine tuning a personalized sesh. This article will name a couple of underdogs. Instead, that may not feel as futuristic to use but are hands down the best portable vaporizer options when on a smaller budget. They also incorporate much larger heating chambers than most vapes, so for anyone looking for something that can deliver tons of vapor with minimal effort, these are also for you.
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V2 Pro Series 7:

For only 150 bucks, you can’t get much more versatility out of a vape at such a high degree of quality. For starters, this little guy can vaporize not only dry herb and concentrates but e-liquids as well. It comes with magnetic cartridges of its own so that you can transfer any nicotine e-liquid to them and vape away, or you can even craft your own special nicotine and THC combo e-liquids, but make sure to find a reliable guide for doing so. You won’t get to fine-tune your temperature with this easy to use device, so it’s not necessarily the best portable vaporizer for a medical patient. Still, for a young college student on a budget who might also be trying to quit smoking cigarettes, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Mig Vapor DRAY:

For some medical cannabis consumers who rely on the plant for some serious relief from various symptoms, the ability to control the temperature you vaporize your flower can make a huge difference. The variety in boiling points of different terpenes and cannabinoids can be experimented with. Some patients might find a nice sweet spot for certain strains that give them the most relief of their symptoms with the least mental inebriation. Enter the Mig Vapor DRAY. Sadly, this vape is incompatible with concentrates, but it’s definitely the best portable vaporizer that allows you to control the temperature at just 140$ precisely. IT also boasts a large heating chamber made of quartz so you can get a session going that packs a serious punch, and the 1800mAh battery ensures it survives many sessions back to back.

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