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With desktop publishing, you can create page layouts for entire books on your personal computer. Aspiring writers and the like can take advantage of this very resourceful feature.
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A computer is an electronic device that executes certain actions through user-based commands. It is made up of two parts – hardware and software. The computer processes input through input devices like the mouse and keyboard. It displays output through output devices like a monitor and printer. The size of a computer varies considerably, from small personal computers (like laptops, minicomputers, and notebook laptops), to gigantic super-computers which require an entire building to host them. The speed also has a very large range. Computers have become indispensable in today’s world; let’s take a look at why we’re so dependable on them.
Word Processing
A word processing software automatically corrects spelling and grammatical mistakes. If content needs to be replicated, there are options known as ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ that allow you to do this without retyping the content. You can print documents and make several copies too. It’s easier to read a word-processed document than a handwritten one, making it effectual for paperwork. You can add images to your document as well, provided by certain features on word processors.

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It is a network that connects computers worldwide, to an information source that is free to all, at a minimal fee per month from one’s service provider. You can browse through much more information than you could do in a library. That is because computers can store enormous amounts of information. You also have very fast and convenient access to information. Through ’email’, you can communicate with a person sitting thousands of miles away, within a few seconds. Chat software applications enable one to speak to another person in real time. Video conferencing tools are becoming readily available to the common man, making it a convenient feature for one-on-one meetings.
Digital Video or Audio Composition
Audio or video composition and editing have been made much easier by computers. It no longer costs thousands of dollars in equipment to compose music or make a film. Graphics engineers can use computers to generate short or full-length films or even create 3D models. Anybody owning a computer can now enter the field of media production. Special effects in science fiction and action movies are created using computers. Designers of all kinds from the media industry are finding innovative ways of putting the Internet to use.

With the help of computers, you can diagnose disease and learn about studies related to them. Certain software can be used in ‘magnetic resonance imaging’, to examine the internal organs of human body. The software is used for performing surgery too. They are used to store valuable patient data and other information that doctors need private access to.
Mathematical Calculations
Thanks to computers, which have computing speeds of over a million calculations per second, we can perform the biggest of mathematical calculations, without having to worry if the result is incorrect since computers are designed to produce accurate results.

All financial transactions are done by a computer software. It provides security, speed, and convenience. Valuable customer information is stored and can be retrieved whenever an employee at the bank wishes to access or verify certain facts.
One can book air tickets or railway tickets using the Internet, and make hotel reservations online. All sorts of travel packages are available to customers, including a variety of websites that offer innumerable options that one can choose from while highlighting certain factors like budget, tour guide assistance, visa know-how, and the like.
The software is widely used here to help keep lines of communication constantly buzzing. Also, all mobile phones have software embedded in them, making it easier to handle certain tasks, as well as multitask, when it comes to everyday chores and responsibilities.
Online Gaming

Even online games are accessible, where two players from different parts of the world, can compete and interact merely through the power of the Internet.

Software is embedded in almost every weapon, controlled by an authoritative entity. It is also used in controlling flight and targeting, in ballistic missiles. The software is used to control access to atomic bombs, as well as track various activity that coincides with terrorist-based acts, including areas of civilian safety.

Instead of studying from textbooks, computers make it easier to learn from an e-learning software. These are available electronically online, and are accessible either freely or through a course that one pays for – much like what is taught in any college/university.
You can gamble online instead of going to a casino. While this isn’t advisable to partake in when it comes to money, there are ways to do this without betting on actual money.
You can give online exams and get instant results. You can also check your examination results online after professors or examiners update a university’s network.
Shops and supermarkets use computer software that calculates a customer’s bills, as well as keeps track of how much is made monthly. Taxes can be calculated and paid online too. Accounting is done using computers, where large amounts of data are fed into a system. One can predict future trends of a business using artificial intelligence software. Software is used in major stock markets to keep track of the fall and rise of stock rises. One can even trade stocks online. There are fully automated factories running on software, to help keep track of the business without missing out on important updates.
Different types of certificates can be generated. It is very easy to create and change layouts, using design software that can help one achieve this.

The computer software authenticates the user through his/her credit/debit card before it dispenses cash.

There are matrimonial sites through which one can search for a suitable groom or bride. A very popular trend today is online dating, where couples around the globe have met their future wives/husbands by signing up to one or more, of many dating portals.
There are many websites through which you can read the latest news, as well as access old articles and videos related to a past event.
University Websites
There are many alumni websites through which you can regain contact with long-lost classmates since a database of students’ information is stored away in a computer.

Electronic gadgets run with the help of computers. There is various software which is used to increase the efficiency of these devices. Timers, self-controlled switches – these ensure that the machines ask for minimum human effort.
Planning and Scheduling
The software can be used to store contact information, generate plans, schedule appointments, and meet deadlines.
The software can examine content for plagiarism; this is where it checks if the information has been copied or tweaked to resemble previously published work.
Greeting Cards
You can send and receive greeting cards using all sorts themes for various occasions, available through numerous websites; these can either be free of cost, or the sort that requires payment.
The software is used for making umpiring decisions. There is a simulation software that can be used by a sportsperson to practice his skills. Computers are also able to identify flaws in certain techniques that players follow, as part of the sport.

Pilots train using software, which simulates a flight to help aircraft both big and small, to take off and land.
Weather Analysis
Supercomputers are used to analyze and predict weather conditions, and all other sorts of other phenomena.
Computers have leapfrogged the human race into another league. They are now used in each and every aspect of human life. They have spearheaded the human quest of eradicating social problems like illiteracy and poverty. It is difficult to imagine the world bereft of computers. This revolutionary technology is indeed a boon to us all.

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