The Pros and Cons Of Using A Free Online Time Clock

The concept of tracking employee time has been around for ages. Time tracking used to be a complicated process. It required large labor budgets, frequent managerial oversight, and a lot of hands-on administrative procedures. Companies are realizing that manual timekeeping is not very practical for conducting business.

A Free Online Time Clock

Luckily, there are many modern tools available that can help streamline the time and attendance tracking process. A free online time clock is one of those tools. It has several benefits businesses can take advantage of if they aren’t yet ready to pay for a new time clock solution.

online time clock. Let’s take a look at just a few of the pros of using this modern software.

They’re Free!

This is the most significant pro for businesses that aren’t sure what their needs are or don’t yet want to spend money on a new time clock system. A free online timecard system is an excellent way for businesses to test the functionality before trying a paid version.

They Provide Basic Time Tracking Functions

Free employee timesheet software gives you many essential time-tracking functions to save time and money on timekeeping. It automates many of the tasks of timekeeping. These functions can save the business money by keeping track of employee time and cutting down on managers’ and bookkeepers’ work.

Additionally, the basic features speed up and simplify the punch-in process so employees can get to work quickly. It also allows for more accurate tracking of hours and pay rates, leading to more accurate payroll.

They’re Great for Startups or Businesses With Limited Budgets

Improving your business with the benefits of a time-tracking solution while not incurring any cost is perhaps the most significant benefit of a free online time clock for companies just starting. The savings and improved efficiency of using a job clock can help many starting companies enhance their performance and chances of success.

Cons of Using A Free Online Time Clock

Free time clock solutions come with several benefits, but because they are free, they come with some disadvantages that a business won’t have to deal with if they choose a paid solution.

Additional Features Cost Extra

Using a free online time clock, you may not have access to certain additional features, such as notifications when a punch is missed, payroll integrations, and other services. In some cases, those features may be available for a fixed price.

While it may be ok to do without some of these features initially, eventually, it is not only worth the cost but a good investment to upgrade to paid online time clock software to get the benefits of these additional features. The savings in payroll integrations alone is worth the cost of implementing paid time clock software.

Support Is Limited or Costly

This can be a major downside to businesses that run into technical support issues or have issues with functionality. Essentially there is an extra fee attached whenever support is needed. This can slow down or even eliminate the ability of a business to get help with its time clock software at a critical moment. Ultimately, companies may find they are on their own when a problem arises with their free solution.

A paid online time clock includes support for any problems that may arise. This means you’re guaranteed that the software will work when needed and that prompt support is available in case of a problem. Most of the time, live support is available to troubleshoot issues immediately.

Not As Modernized or Flexible As Paid Software

This means that businesses using free software may be running on an older generation or older version that does not have the most up-to-date settings or functions. This may also include limited access to live to monitor employee punches, activity, and other features.

A paid timesheet management solution eliminates this worry with automatic updates that keep your software version and functions as up-to-date as possible. Paid time clocks are constantly updated based on user input and have new features added and functionality improved.

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