Top Careers in Educational Leadership

People who are natural born leaders have a particular way of working, both in terms of applying and motivating themselves on solo projects, as well as heading up teams of people all striving towards the same end goal.

Furthermore, there is no better example of an area of professional work that significantly benefits from core leadership values and abilities than education. So, whether you are a professionally qualified teacher searching for a new challenge or looking to enter the education sector from another area, continue reading to discover some of the top careers in educational leadership.

Educational Leadership

Post Doctorate Research Fellow

If you are someone who has impressively ascended the academic ladder and is now in the unique and powerful position of holding a doctorate in education, then one of the most exciting career pathways open to you is that of a post-doctorate research fellow.

Whether working at a local university, one across the state, or even overseas, such a position will mean you will be periodically responsible for advising governmental and academic influencers to positively improve the state of the education sector in this country and beyond.

If such a career direction appeals to you, after successfully acquiring your postgraduate master’s degree, it would be strongly advisable to embark upon a beneficial and challenging online CAGs in Educational Leadership, the coursework of which will directly bolster your application for your educational doctorate.

Academic Advisor

One of the most highly regarded positions within the area of educational leadership is that of an academic advisor, whose primary role is to conduct individual one-to-one interactions and engagements with students within their school to analyze academic progress and design and implement and monitor courses of action.

Additionally, the role of an academic advisor also involves offering guidance and professional advice on the school’s enrollment processes and admission procedures. It is a crucial proverbial cog in the smooth running of a school that is always striving to grow, expand and improve.

Dean Of Students

When you were a student yourself, you would undoubtedly have been familiar with the educational leadership role of the dean. Essentially, the dean of students oversees every daily activity of all students in the particular academic institution which they run and usually have seniority and authority over more than a few other administrators within the school system.

Executive Director

Another fascinating and multi-faceted educational leadership role that bears no connection to state-run schools is that of an executive director, who is a great deal more involved in the ‘nitty gritty’ of the daily running of their private schools than the principal of a public school.

Executive directors of private schools work to form, improve and strengthen the professional connections and bonds between different groups of people in the academic community, from parents and advisors to students and staff. Additionally, executive directors are responsible for assuring that every aspect of the educational institution is wholly legally compliant, and they also act as ambassadors who represent their school in both a local and national setting.

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