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3 Ways Assistive Technology Supports Students with Disabilities

For K–12 faculties, the hallmark of achievement lies in their devotion to teaching all students — irrespective of their history or potential. For college students with a gaining knowledge of disability, even the most effective of schoolroom obligations may be a task without the right scaffolding.

The present-day records, from the 2014-15 school 12 months, indicated that 6.6 million K-12 college students obtained a few form of special training offerings. That changed into 13 percent of public school enrollment.

These students — and their friends — have benefited from the proliferation of technology into the lecture room to make gaining knowledge of a personalized enjoy. From usually rising assistive era to updates to existing lecture room generation, today’s study room is now a great deal greater handy.

1. Assistive Technology Opens Up Student Achievement

In the twenty-first-century lecture room, a more personalized approach to learning is key to pupil fulfillment. For college students with disabilities, this is even more crucial. Under the tenets of Universal Design for Learning, educators create bendy instructions that let students of all competencies play to their very own strengths whilst finishing assignments.

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Assistive technology is often a large a part of making those bendy lecture rooms powerful. Speech-to-text equipment, along with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, can efficiently assist students who warfare to get their thoughts out. Instead of focusing on how difficult writing is, these college students can discover their creativity.

Text-to-speech lets college students attention

On their massive photo concept, in place of the grammar and sentence shape, blogs consultant Susan Fitzell, who regularly writes the usage of Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Thanks to technologies like this, college students with disabilities are capable of taking initiative in their very own gaining knowledge of.

Using assistive generation, Cole Harvey, a dyslexic pupil, changed into capable of learning how to examine well. Harvey tells CNN that after he changed into capable of use era for support, he could make amends for what he didn’t recognize.

Autism and Assistive Technology


Autism spectrum sickness (ASD) is a newly popularized term that includes a huge variety of social impairments, verbal exchange deficits, and repetitive behaviors. The spectrum is bendy which means that it could be applied to children from each end. It includes high functioning autism at one give up, to individuals who lack communication talents and cannot even specific their maximum simple needs, at the opposite.

The new express spectrum thinking has given a minimum a phantasm that there’s a hard and fast boundary concerning autism. The attitude-taken to the logical intense-means an unbroken continuum many of the minds that extend from autism, all of the manner into the folds of the ordinary global.

But the flexibility has led to ambiguity, especially within the study room. Most of the educators and teachers are not in any respect geared up to give the students the attention they require. They are hence an increasing number of turning to assistive technology, like autism apps for training, to bail them out.

Many children, whether autistic or neuro-typicals, analyze from

Visual media and academic apps like “Just Match” and “Math at the Farm”. Educators and teachers say that these apps replicate actual-life relationships and conditions.

With the advent of the “Just Match” and “Math at the Farm” educational apps, instructors have grown to be more relaxed in using era. With customized educational apps now to be had to download online, it’s now less difficult for instructors and educators to get entry to those technologies.

Most teachers, through the years, have ended up comfy in the usage of technology. As of now, there are two essential types of assistive technology for those having autism spectrum sickness. These are communique technologies and teaching technology. Both these equipment are extraordinarily important for a special desires toddler’s education. The “Just Match” and “Math on the Farm” educational apps are best digital mastering gadgets that lend autistic kids a cozy gaining knowledge of experience. A pupil’s ability to talk in a classroom placing is important for his/her achievement. But the tricky element approximately a classroom is that there are several unspoken guidelines. Educators and professionals working with special needs youngsters admit that one of the fundamental difficulties, even for the ones having excessive-functioning autism, is to know the expectations.

Professionals operating with kids having behavioral problems have voiced in large part comparable sentiments. A massive part of attending faculty is to research navigating social situations. Autistic youngsters are regularly definitely lost sans a roadmap. The autism apps for education have allowed kids to close the gap between them and the neuro-usual children.

Audio-Visual Technology

Audio-visuals have been utilized for a long-term to bring messages in employer conferences, lectures and seminars, demos, level acts and performs, enterprise proposals, etc. But the technology has been very primary as compared with the generation to be had nowadays.

The audio-visual era is described as the tools used to deliver records. It employs the use of several inputs, consisting of videos or slides. Depending on the facts you want to deliver to your target market, there are a variety of applications that you could employ, inclusive of multimedia, lasers/holograms, DVDs and video imaging. Technology is on the whole utilized in laptop-based totally schooling, presentations and performances.

Learning More about Audio-Visual Technology


If you need to use audio-visuals for your reviews and demos, you need to understand the whole thing from designing a presentation to the usage of various portals. Now, the best way to study this stuff is by way of analyzing manuals, books, and other published substances. Make sure which you get something that includes pointers for clean reference. You also can browse the Internet about audio-visual technology for further know-how.

There are many net websites approximately audio-visuals that encompass information and step-by way of-step courses in the usage of different programs. There also are websites that could teach you how to create and design templates in your shows. There are others that offer recommendations on a way to efficaciously behavior conferences, proposals, and demos.

Joining online forums that speak audio-visible generation is any other manner to learn about them. Here, you may find opinions and evaluations from customers about audio-visual merchandise and programs. You can also put up questions about where to find the exceptional services or products as well as a way to use positive products.

Pros and Cons

Using audio-visible era has fantastic advantages. You can efficaciously carry the message for your target audience with only some clicks. Presentations may be made more thrilling and lively. On the opposite hand, there are a few risks like mild distractions, a bigger electricity delivers and specialized talents requirement. But usually, as soon as you have got discovered all the crucial matters, you may begin making visually stunning presentations.

Befriending Students – The Ethical Dilemma Within


In the stern “teacher-tell” model of conventional educational tactics, instructors who seek to grow to be pals with their students have been outside the norm. In a few cases, this type of behavior was truly seen as a breach of ethics. Teachers were the professionals and college students have been the novices and the gap between them was to be maintained to preserve each order within the class and the honor for authority needed for gaining knowledge of to arise.

Recent research on how the mind learns has grown to become that view upside down in many academic environments. Although there’s nonetheless a few disagreement approximately brain-based research, it does appear to suggest students research greatly that that is relevant to their lives.

How can instructors shape their content and presentation

Methods to reflect relevance in the event that they have little if any, the know-how of their man or woman college students and the manner modern-day college students live their lives?

And what higher way to study than to make efforts to be on pleasant phrases with as many students as feasible? Hours spent searching the Internet might provide perception as to the likes and dislikes of students to your academic surroundings, but they can’t come up with an expertise of the wants and needs of the precise individuals for whom you’re responsible.

For a few instructors, befriending college students is an easy rely on is to be had to them as frequently as feasible and sharing experiences. Teachers arrive early and stay after magnificence to talk with students as regularly as feasible. Attendance in any respect faculty extracurricular activities and formal functions offer additional opportunities to have interaction in life-targeted conversations with college students.

There are many things to talk about that bridge the age gap. Students can be surprised to study instructors had been equally enthralled by the musical stars in their day. Tales of struggling with homework and very last examinations humanizes an instructor, and makes students sense like he or she is “one in all them.” Anything that narrows the notion hole wherein students sees instructors as out of touch with their international promotes friendship.

Befriending students isn’t a hassle.

However, given the truth we are the simplest human, it is feasible to become friendlier with a few students than others. Indeed, it’s far feasible that attempts to befriend college students can also cause the discovery that a few are actually tough to like at all! And those high quality and bad preferences can begin to persuade study room conduct on the part of each trainer and student.


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