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6 Best Adventure Tourism Destinations in the World

Nothing quite like an adrenalize rush to fix the weary soul. While lazing around on a beach is a good time for some travelers but there are those of us in the crowd who would prefer to head out on an adventure tour. In this post we will tell you about the 6 best adventure spots for thrill seekers looking to get an adrenaline fix:

1. India:
Spiti Valley is a place in Himachal Pradesh, India known as a prime spot for adventure tourism. Simply put, this place is 12,500 feet above sea level and considered a high level alpine land. It is cut off for most parts of the year owing to bad weather and hiking or trekking in the place is open only for limited months but if you want a challenge, then this is it. There are many other adventure activities available as well including white water rafting, yak safaris, camping and hiking expeditions, ziplining etc.

2. Nepal:
Nepal is perhaps one of the best travel destinations in the world, not to forget the land of the Himalayas as well. There are many adventure activities here including the Great Himalaya Trail Traverse held annually or simply a mountaineering expedition of places like Mera Peak, Labouche east or Annapurna region said to be one of the most thrilling treks. For more extreme adventure junkies, there are activities like bungee jumping, mountain biking, Everest ski diving, Heli skiing, white water rafting etc.

3. Dominica:
Dominica holds a plethora of options under its belt and is perhaps the most underrated destination for adventure tourism. You can try different activities like trekking at the Waitukubuli National Trail or take a hiking trip across the Morne Trios Pitons National Park famous for its natural beauty.Try out water sport activities like Kayaking, sailing. For the extreme kind, there is also whale watching and cave diving adventures waiting to be done.

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4. Ecuador:
Take a trip this year to Chimborazo known in Ecuador, a place that stands 20,000 feet high, short of just 9000 feet of the Mount Everest. Interesting, wouldn’t you say? The place happens to be the furthest spot from the center of the earth. Covered in glaciers, this place is an ideal place to camp out and enjoy some solitude. The place has wide many routes for climbers and trekkers and plenty of adventurous things to do. For more such interesting travel destinations, visit

5. New Zealand:
New Zealand is quite a regular attraction for adventure lovers who throng in great numbers to try out different adventure activities here. You can go jetboating, bungee jumping, sky diving, river rafting, off-road driving, mountain biking etc. One peculiar sport though that is quite famous in the place is Zorbing that takes place in Rotorua, wherein you get inside a large inflatable ball and run down a slope. Sounds weird right? Well, wait until you try it.

6. Bolivia:
Bolivia seats 11,975 feet above sea level and the capital city La Paz is said to be the highest capital city in the world. This landlocked country is ideal for people seeking adventures in the Amazon Forest. Yes, you can head out on different Amazon tours in the place where you will get a chance to hike and explore the deep dense forests of the Amazon. The place also is popular for Inca sites, should you choose to indulge in exploring them.

So there we have the 6 best adventure tourism destinations in the world. Plan out your travel itinerary today.

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