By Gale Burstein, Daniel Stapleton and Richard Vienne

If you are among people who doubt the effectiveness a flu shot has in preventing the flu, suppose once more. Your selection to get the vaccine should save you-your being the person who passes the virus round to every person at domestic, the office, college or gymnasium. Even worse, you could be the person to bypass influenza to a young child, elderly individual or cherished one with a persistent ailment who may want to emerge as very unwell with an influenza infection. We consider there’s a social obligation for getting a flu vaccine.

For some humans, the flu outcomes in a fever, the chills

Frame aches, cough, and a runny nose. But for the very younger, the very old, girls who are pregnant and people with compromised immune systems, catching the flu can place them at a high chance for lots extra serious headaches, together with demise. It isn’t always obvious who amongst us is most susceptible.

One individual with the flu can infect other human beings sooner or later earlier than any signs broaden, and up to about seven days when they grow to be sick. The virus can unfold to others as much as about 6 feet away, especially by means of microscopic droplets expelled into the air whilst human beings a cough, sneeze or maybe talk. Statistically, every one hundred those who get the flu will infect 127 different people, consistent with 2012 observe posted inside the magazine BMC Infectious Diseases.

The flu season is properly underway. As of Oct. 28, the variety of showed instances of the flu in New York State is more than the wide variety of instances said with the aid of this time last 12 months, consistent with the New York State Department of Health. The number of hospitalizations related to influenza to date this year also exceeds the number of influenza-related hospitalizations presently closing yr. If these trends retain, we may all go through a terrible flu season.

An Interview With Michael Burstein of Burstein Law Firm on Estate Planning


The following is an excerpt from an interview with Michael I. Burstein, Esq. Of Burstein Law Firm that occurred over lunch on October 7, 2009, in Hermosa Beach, CA:

Tony: Thank you for having lunch with me these days. So how long has it been now which you have been practicing law in CA?

Michael: In December, I will have been a lawyer in California for 22 years. I had been targeted on estate making plans, estate management, and probate because 1992.

Tony: We have noticed a developing wide variety of human beings the usage of Family Trusts to take the title in their houses. What are the advantages of doing this? Are there any downsides to doing this?

Michael: One of the principle reasons that customers do a living accept as true with (or a circle of relatives accepts as true with) is because it avoids probate. However, a agree with avoids probate simplest for the one’s property which has been re-titled within the name of the agree with. Failure to re-identify an asset, particularly a bit of actual estate, within the name of the accept as true with, may cause that asset to be difficulty in probate.

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Therefore, many houses, in addition to other kinds of real estate, are owned by living trusts. Other means of keeping name consist of constrained liability companies (LLCs), own family restrained partnerships (FLPs), joint tenancy, community assets, in addition to in a person’s call.

Tony: What does one need to do to create a Family Trust?

Michael: Most residing trusts (or circle of relatives trusts) are done with a lawyer. While it is true that it isn’t always legally required to have a lawyer put together a agree with, have worked with over 3,000 families, I can let you know that there are questions that I ask my customers that they have now no idea about previous to my asking them the question.

There is a much greater hazard of litigation on trusts when the belief has been created by using the character themselves or with the useful resource of software. It brings to mind the old announcing “penny sensible, sound silly.”

Tony: Are Family Trusts the primary issue of Estate Planning or are there additional standards which you would suggest?

Michael: Living trusts are the foundation for truly each estate plan. Depending on the size and composition of the estate, additional estate planning can be important. Therefore, there are ILITs (irrevocable life insurance trusts), FLPs, LLCs, GRATs (grantor retained annuity trusts), CRTs (charitable the rest trusts), and a whole host of different property planning options.

Tony: Thank you for this. Is there something else which you would like to add?

Michael: Estate planning is an incredibly profitable region of the regulation. It affords me with the possibility to make a difference in loads of humans’ lives. I see this regular due to the fact we do a whole lot of property management and probate paintings. It is at that point that we see whether or not the deceased became capable of doing property making plans this is of the most advantage to his/her kids, loved ones, heirs, and beneficiaries.

Daniel Blanchard


Dan Blanchard the Award Winning Author and Speaker, -time Junior Olympian Wrestler, and two-time Junior Olympian Wrestling Coach who grew up as a student-athlete. Dan admits that as teens he was more of an athlete than a pupil. Since then, Dan has efficaciously finished fourteen years of university and has earned seven tiers. He teaches Special Education in Connecticut’s biggest inner-city excessive school. In addition, Dan is a Teacher Consultant for the University of Connecticut’s Connecticut Writing Project. He turned into selected by the American Federation of Teachers as their face and voice of tutorial reform. Dan has authored a couple of teenager leadership books, an academic book, and writes a parenting column. As an educator, coach, writer, and speaker Dan feel that it’s miles his responsibility to positively have an impact on our youngsters each chance that he receives! He lives with his wife, Jennifer, their 5 children, and family canine, Daisy.

The Tragic Flaws (Hamartia) of King Richard II


Hamartia is a historic Greek time period used by Aristotle for the tragic hero in his paintings ‘Poetics.’ Aristotle, the disciple of Plato, describes the tragic hero as a prominent character having a completely high role in existence, falls into misfortune because of hamartia or tragic flaw. So, in step with him hamartia method blunders of judgment that causes notable struggling main to the death of the tragic hero.

Shakespeare sincerely wrote tragedies of amazing heights and earned exemplary category. One of them is King Richard II, an ancient tragedy. His person, King Richard II, lacks the electricity of choice that makes him not able to confront the changing situation. Moreover, it’s far the shortage of his expertise that drags him into the swamp of sycophancy and keeps him making grave errors, which perish him.

His first tragic flaw is that he gets Gloucester assassinated.

From the dialogues of Bolingbroke, it comes at the plate form that Mowbray became assigned to kill Gloucester and Bolingbroke was equipped to fight a duel with him. Moreover, the old John of Gaunt accuses him of his involvement in the murder of Gloucester at the one of a kind locations. He suggestions at the king as the murderer. Since he is susceptible earlier than the king, he places it to Nature for justice with a notion that there’s delay but no deletion. The antique John of Gaunt, being a patriot and kith and relatives of the king, wants to realize and condemn his involvement on this murder, which spoils the name and repute of his united states of America and royal blood. Actually, his Endeavour is too accurate him but his failure makes a prophecy that such sins are going to take him rapid to deposing him.

Richard dawson suicide

His 2d tragic flaw is that he banishes Bolingbroke and Mowbray. Mowbray changed into going to be the bone of competition between the king and his family. Bolingbroke gets know-how that Mowbray is a traitor and killer of Gloucester. Apart from it, he has done other slapdash deeds, disclosing his disloyalty to the king. He calls each warrior and claims to be impartial in case of a duel. But on the suggestion of his flatterers, he changes his mind and announces the banishment of each under the pretext of keeping peace inside the united states. He proclaims lifetime banishment for Mowbray, whereas Bolingbroke is banished for ten years and later six years on the interference of his uncle, the daddy of Bolingbroke.

It seemed to be very unusual that he did not

Permit them to combat a duel. In my opinion, such banishment was not in his favor. It was identical to create restlessness within the state. Besides, it ought to bring doubt many of the public that he has got his uncle murdered by Mowbray. So he attempts to cover his crime. It is a serious flaw of the king. If he honestly desired to save himself, he needs to no longer prevent them from fighting duel till one among them could kill the other. After taking the advantage of time he could kill the alternative.

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