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It’s that time of the 12 months again! The first fundamental Android replace of 2011, (Honeycomb changed into handiest for drugs), comes aptly titled – Ice Cream Sandwich or Android 4.Zero. Scroll below to analyze what this latest Android model can do in your telephone.It’s that time of the 12 months again! The first fundamental Android replace of 2011, (Honeycomb changed into handiest for drugs), comes aptly titled – Ice Cream Sandwich or Android 4.Zero. Scroll below to analyze what this latest Android model can do in your telephone.TAGGED UNDER: Android

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The evolution of cell operating structures has a fascinating timeline. As the technological capabilities of mobile phones superior in leaps and bounds, the OS of cell phones needed to adapt as nicely, as a way to assist the advanced equipment. Earlier mobile working systems had simple calendar and organizer software along with small games and fundamental packages. Not any more. Today the common mobile cellphone’s operating device is as crucial because the cell phone itself. In fact, it can even be more critical. Poorly designed software program cannot manage effective hardware. Smartphones wouldn’t be so “clever” without a definitely clever OS, capable of tailoring to all kinds of wishes. Today’s mobile OS ought to pander to an expansion of customers, be they company, youngsters, or average users. Which is why the cell OS industry is in a non-stop loop of enhancements and improvements to higher the existing OS versions. The present day access in the cut-throat arena of cellular OS is the Google Android four.0 or the Android Ice Cream Sandwich.
The Android OS, on the whole, is the most used phone OS in the U.S. And is an exceedingly popular mobile OS worldwide. Its most up-to-date avatar, the Ice Cream Sandwich, no longer most effective has quite a few interesting new features, but is also a cell OS well matched to be used on a pill. This modern day OS is currently present at the simply-released Galaxy Nexus cellphone. So what’s special, extraordinary, and new in this cellular OS? The Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich features are mentioned below, divided into sections based totally on the subsequent traits. Click on a hyperlink to leap to a selected phase.DesignUsabilityApplicationsCameraWhat’s New in the Android four?Zero Ice Cream SandwichEverything You Need to Know About the Android 4.Zero

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The Android four.Zero lives up with to its “geeky but smart” reputation with its wealthy function set, however, have to also be lauded for its attention to an element. The particular capabilities of this OS are tabulated beneath.► Design ◄The visible fashion and look of the OSVirtual Buttons No greater physical “Home”, “Back” or “Menu” buttons at the cellphone or tablet. Instead, the Android 4.Zero conjures digital application-based buttons as needed. The System Bar offers the usual “Back”, “Home” and “Recent Apps” buttons whilst required and program-specific buttons (e.G “Quit” to close the program), will appear at the Action Bar. The buttons dim for full-display viewing.Home Screen Just like books or clothes, different people like exceptional apps. So organization you’re favored needed apps or shortcuts into folders and vicinity them on the home screen for clean get admission to. Just drag the apps on the pinnacle of every other. For telephones with small screens, the OS presentations a favorites tray, which you could drag apps and shortcuts into, for faster get admission to.Lock Screen The lock display has a massive glowing circle, which you drag to release the smartphone. For improved usability, you could use positive applications whilst the smartphone is locked, together with the camera or song player.Notifications The acquainted notifications screen can be pulled down or up, relying on its display placement. View exact bits of facts, like messages and even app activities. You can delete notifications as they come, certainly with the aid of swiping them off the display together with your finger.Unique UI Bold, eye-catching and aesthetically attractive are some words that come to thoughts with one examine the Android 4.Zero consumer-interface. Everything on-display screen appears to be alive and animated in some manner. From apps and application icons to the Roboto font designed for large, practical text, the Android ICS is a stunning factor to appearance and touch, such that even an vintage phone will appearance present day!Top► Usability ◄Little things rely on when it comes to the use of an OSRecognized Gestures The Ice Cream Sandwich is a very sensitive (no pun intended) OS. You can perform loads of moves, inclusive of deleting apps from your apps listing with a finger swipe, drag-and-drop text from one area to some other and pinch-and-enlarge your fingers to zoom inside and outside of the Calendar.Easy Text Handling Text editing and enter is another progressed function within the Android four.0 OS. Word tips appear as you kind. The vehicle spell-checker underlines mistakes and will instantly propose corrections. You may even add phrases to the integrated dictionary. Plus you can reduce/copy and paste secure, simply with the aid of shifting your finger, to choose, drag-and-drop textual content.Use Your Voice to Type Fed up of typing? Speak into the telephone and the powerful but intuitive Android voice translator will convert your spoken phrases into typed textual content. The Google Android ICS voice engine allows text dictation for an unlimited duration and could be very particular. You may even pause to accurate phrases with suggestions, handily mentioned beneath the road of textual content.Handling Apps There are some of the useful integrated apps and gazillions of 1/3-birthday party ones inside the Android Market but coping with stated apps is an oft-neglected however cumbersome mission. App managing within the Ice Cream Sandwich is neatly green. With the Recent Apps button, move between used apps by tapping the thumbnail of the app. Uninstalling apps, changing app settings and disabling positive apps… Standard app operations can be achieved from one place with the All Apps launcher. Delete apps with a finger swipe.Resizable Widgets Widgets are shortcuts for your apps, that can be accessed without delay from the house display screen. The Android Ice Cream Sandwich has some of the convenient widgets like the Gallery widget or the Email widget. These apps can be located on the home screen from the app tray and even resized, using a pinch-and-increase motion, for viewing convenience.Top► Applications ◄Programs and features at the OSPeople App The people you realize, whether or not circle of relatives or friends, are extra than simply numbers and names. The Android four.0 showcases this kind of thinking with its very appealing People app. A call on your touch listing, now not most effective has a phone variety, it also has addresses and extra contact information, you obtain popularity updates from that character’s social profile and you can easily hook up with any in their profiles on various social networking web sites, thru their touch profile for your cellphone. So all non-public and contact information of your contacts listing members are contained in one region and highlighted through high-resolution photos of that touch.Data Usage Tracking Running apps, downloading and streaming of media – all such operations consume data and upload on your community bill. It is almost not possible to screen the facts usage of the phone and which program is eating what. The Android Ice Cream Sandwich tackles this reputedly impossible challenge via reading facts usage and offering it in the form of nifty and clean charts. So you may understand what your apps are as much as and even set limits on how much data they devour or set alarms for whilst the records usage nears or exceeds a preset limit.The Web Browser The Android Browser lets in tabbed browsing with as much as sixteen tabs at a time. You can store sites for offline studying and skim sites of their authentic computing device variations. Web pages and sites are rendered faster. Bookmarks and History are prepared in a pleasing visual list. For an easy-on-the-eyes browsing revel in, you may growth the zoom degrees of the browser, so textual content and images appear larger.Emails Typing emails within the Android ICS is made a lot easier. You can keep responses and pick out them from a menu, whilst compose a mail. Auto-complete recipients in the email address bar. Quickly access distinct electronic mail debts from one display screen. Gmail capabilities a 2-line e-mail preview and offline trying to find emails.Top► Camera ◄Camera aside, what does the OS provide for photograph and video capture?Simple and Integrated Use Tap everywhere on the display to capture an image. You can then send the image as an e-mail attachment or as a multimedia message or transfer thru Bluetooth, instantly from the camera app display, by means of pressing a button. The equal applies for sharing photographs over Twitter, Google+ or Facebook.Unique Effects and Modes Perhaps the coolest Android Ice Cream Sandwich capabilities are a gift inside the Camera app. Abilities include 0 shutter lag, non-stop consciousness, face detection, stabilized zoom and picture capture while recording video. A new mode of capture, the landscape mode, permits a big and extensive panorama to be captured in an unmarried picture, just with the aid of panning the phone throughout a scene. Finally one could take screenshots of the cellphone or tablet.Powerful Editing Tools Edit your images for your phone or tablet immediately with a feature-packed photo-enhancing studio. Get rid of red eyes, crop, blur or sharpen and beautify color degrees. Filters and special effects (Silly Faces) can also be delivered. You can even manage pics and movies in folders and albums, as well as type them by vicinity, humans within the picture, or time of capture.Top► What’s New in the Android four?Zero Ice Cream Sandwich ◄Unique features and capabilitiesAndroid Beam With just a bump or a faucet among two telephones, proportion records inside the shape of contacts, pictures, films and even programs among smartphones. You can alternate statistics using the Beam with any other NFC-enabled smartphone.Face Unlock This Android-most effective potential combines biometrics (identification primarily based on physical tendencies) and call security. Instead of swiping a pattern or typing a passcode, hold your phone in front of your face to unencumber it. The gadget may fail to authenticate you at instances or may authenticate someone who looks like you, so a PIN is used as a fallback degree.Visual Voicemail Voice messages now display up in your Call Log at the side of overlooked and obtained calls. The visible issue is you could play the message like a recording and you may even rapid ahead or rewind through the file.Wi-Fi Direct Eliminate the center man with this on hand networking feature. Instead of connecting to an access factor or router for a wireless connection, this potential allows distinctive devices to connect to every other directly and wirelessly. One-to-one or one-to-many connections are allowed. So you can switch your cellphone’s pictures on your printer wirelessly, without any tool in the middle.Top
From the long list of Android four.0 Ice Cream Sandwich functions, it’s smooth to peer that the modern day Android OS has a ambitious, new appearance with intuitive and consumer-pleasant features just like the offline e-mail search or the visual voicemail. It is likewise seeking to be creative with a laugh, one of a kind functions just like the face unlock characteristic. Of direction, the Ice Cream Sandwich will face infinite comparisons and showdowns with the iOS 5. But it’s far difficult to choose one running machine over the other, particularly when their features are absolutely unique. The Ice Cream Sandwich is a totally sweet and unique update within the Android universe. If your Android phone can cope with the improve, this latest version is a have to-have for Android fans and a first-rate version for learners to sign up for the Android fan club.

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