34 New Features Your Favourite Apps Added That You Didn’t Notice

It’s no longer easy retaining up with all of the capabilities for your favored apps, with dozens of updates pouring down out of your app save of choice each week. Just in case you’re no longer the usage of your apps to their full ability, right here are 34 lately introduced hints and tools that you might not have noticed but.

1) Set multiple locations in Uber
You can now specify a couple of drop-off (or select-up) factor in the Uber app while you’re getting a cab — faucet the Where To? The container then uses the plus icons at the proper to add the stops you need (you could have up to 2 extra ones).

2) Get feedback as a rider in Uber

Another Uber replace pushed out at the driving force’s side allows them to supply more special feedback on problems with riders, like punctuality or cleanliness. If you as a rider get the equal tag two times in a month, you get alerted approximately it.

3) Explore AR together with your Bitmoji in Snapchat
If you’ve got set up a Bitmoji in Snapchat, it recently won some augmented fact powers. Point your camera at a flat floor, faucet somewhere on the screen, then swipe thru the lenses beneath to discover the AR Bitmoji ones.

Four) Paint the sky in Snapchat
Staying with Snapchat and the wonders of augmented reality, in case you point your digicam at a scene that consists of a block of the sky and takes a picture, as you swipe thru your filters you’ll see ones for converting the mild and ecosystem.

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5) Add polls to your Stories in Instagram

Get comments from your Instagram followers with the aid of adding a ballot in a Story – take a picture and a ballot appears as one of the sticker alternatives. Note that all votes are public and may be visible by means of everybody who’s allowed to view the Story.

6) Get closer with Superzoom in Instagram
similarly to polls, you may now upload a Superzoom impact to any of your Stories, and it appears as a new digicam option among Boomerang and Rewind. Just start recording and the app looks after the zooming, with sound results.

What’s Your Favourite Flour?


Flour has usually been an indispensable element of Indian meals fundamentals. It would not rely upon whether or not the kitchen is from the North of India, from the South, from the East or the West; each homemaker relies upon in a first-rate manner on one core flour type for her daily preparations.

The thrilling component is that maximum kitchens in contemporary India rely heavily on one particular type of flour – just like the Besan Flour or wheat flour or rice flour. What’s all of the greater worryings is that because of the arrival of western cuisine and fast-food affect, over independence and invisible dominance of some now not-so-healthful types just like the refined flour (also known as Maida), have started displaying a few unsightly outcomes.

Lifestyle sicknesses like obesity and blood stress imbalance are on the rise. At the same time, deficiency of critical vitamins is gaining extensive impact in each other household.

This might be the nice time to move back

And cross deep into the Indian records and its heartland. The center of Indian cuisine lies in a combination of different flavors and flours. Far-off villages and rural population of u. S . A . Have for years been reaping locally-grown food and that consists of a mix of flours that provide them center electricity and stamina to handle physically-intensive chores like farming, harvesting, wooded area livelihood, etc.

This is a be-careful call for city eaters and it’s miles excessive time we understand that just scraping by using our daily food consumption isn’t always going to assist us to fuel our lengthy-term fitness desires in any manner. It’s easy and on occasion forgivable to miss important nutrients in the day by day grind and rapid blur of existence. But in the end, small and large symptoms serve to remind us that our body needs the entirety in an awesome, balanced, multi-dimensional way.

To avoid one-dimensional food conduct is step one in striving toward that balance. Try to inculcate greater varieties of flours in your day by day food regimen. They not best supply important fiber for the functioning of the digestive and renal device but additionally inject important nutrients and strength assets that the human frame wishes.

Having a good blend of organic ragi

Besan, bajra and so on within the day by day dough of wheat and rice flour might, in addition, add to the taste and range that every Indian dinner desk desperately seems for. In truth, many exciting recipes are made better with the use of varied proportions of ragi, wheat and so on., together and lots of greens and snacks flip terrific in a short batter of appropriate rice or besan flour. They range from Gujarati Dhokla, Rajasthani Baati or Rotella, Maharashtrian Thalipeeth, to South Indian Idli or porridge or Mudde sorts. Of path, you could also make scrumptious cookies or cakes out of the top-notch mix.

Once you begin developing a dependency of the usage of and combining those flours in your habitual, you can also start experimenting with many dishes and tapping organic variants that upload extra fitness to this lively blend.

Ragi and Millet flours deliver electricity, and other flours provide stamina. They additionally useful resource strongly in weight reduction and regulation of metabolism. Issues like cholesterol levels or diabetes may be easily wiped out with a prudent mix of various grains and flours in an amazing recipe.

Mobile Learning Apps That Increase Learning Efficacy


With the growing fashion of mobile learning and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) inside the corporate global, there are increased a variety of gadgets that maximum personnel picks to research from. In addition, there are some of the learning apps that assist newcomers in many other ways and assist their learning endeavors. Given right here are a number of the one’s functions for which they want help and the devices that assist them:

For notice-taking: Microsoft OneNote is a sturdy note-taking app and has a uniform attraction because it appears just like a traditional notebook. It is also like an interactive whiteboard because the notes you write on the board go straight to the pocketbook. Instructors can utilize this to share notes with the newbies, even as college students can write notes, edit, take screenshots, and make to-do lists.

Writing: For writing ‘conventional’ essays

Microsoft Word remains the most popular device for Microsoft gadgets. IPad/Mac novices can write on their devices with Pages and, then open it on icloud.Com. Proofing gear, such as Grammarly, are used to evidence-study the text and help gift excessive-trendy work. These learning apps save time for the freshmen and they supply excessive nice work. Google medical doctors are of top significance for collaborative, simultaneous writing and peer feedback. Collaborative team projects or online shows can be created and shared with the use of collaborative writing gear. Due to its availability on cellular gadgets, it turns into more handy. Learners can write down their observations and comments even at the cross. This enables others to get extra readability and improves the overall satisfaction of written paintings.

Blogging: Blog posts provide quite a few knowledge and can

Be an icebreaker in the beginning of a training software. It is exceptional to apply apps which are completely compatible with blogs and RSS, consisting of Blogs for iOS, Windows Live Writer for Microsoft, and WordPress. As an alternative, the newcomers can write on Google Drive and paste into their blog editor.

Submitting written assignments: There are many mobile apps, along with Google Drive and Dropbox, that can help to gather written cloth. Dropbox is multipurpose device wherein further to documents, learners can also upload audio, video or other formats. If newcomers do now not have an access to Dropbox app, they could encompass a link.

Screenshots: Images from display screen are frequently the ones that affect us the most. There are many apps for taking screenshots, which include Snagit.

Moving between structures: For powerful mobile getting to know, freshmen have to realize the way to convert, export, import, and circulate information seamlessly among apps and devices of all kinds. They need to also know how to print, open or annotate the files in numerous readers. Zamzar and Calibre are popular apps for this conversion method.

To conclude, corporate newbies are era savvy

And look forward to studying possibilities that align to their desires and assist them to carry out better. Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD is a growing fashion in corporate training, in which the learner is authorized to convey his or her very own device to work and accesses gaining knowledge of on it. This allows the beginners to get entry to training as according to their wishes. Keeping up with this trend, cellular apps are supporting inexperienced persons to acquire maximum advantages from the mobile mastering possibility.

What Is First Notice Of Loss And Why Is It Important To Both Policy Holders And Insurers?


Most human beings and corporations are often unaware that when they first touch their coverage issuer to record robbery, loss or harm that they’re absolutely contacting a first be aware of loss (FNOL) call center. FNOL call centers commonly perform 12 months 12 months, round the clock, making sure coverage holders can effortlessly report a loss, and similarly, that the respective insurance agencies acquire well-timed and accurate declare loss facts.

The first notice of loss operations are every so often staffed internally

But extra often nowadays, the operations are outsourced to a consultant. As you can actually imagine with any 24/7 by means of 365 days a yr operation, staffing, schooling, and correct claims consumption are tough for any enterprise. There are exceptional sorts of companies which provide solutions for FNOL, a few provide software program, others offer a complete name center based totally on a proprietary software, and nonetheless, others customize their name middle operation to deal with any platform. These are platform agnostic carriers who declare to work with insurance companies’ present systems.

Why is first be aware of loss important to both policyholders and insurance groups? Obviously, the important thing function of a word of loss is to alert the accountable coverage entity as to the robbery or destruction of something that’s covered under the terms of the coverage. In some instances, notification will precede the submitting of a formal claim. In positive instances, the insured may additionally touch an FNOL consultant and follow unique rules of engagement regarding the policy parameters. This occurs often whilst a company underwrites special forms of insurance and uses a particular layout for each kind of policy supplied to clients. Herein lies the mission for lots insurers, and the disappointment for many of those insured, as policy specifics dictate both the essential statistics intake and the resulting claims processing system. In many cases, speed is of the essence. For example, robbery regarding earrings might require a unique loss notification, and further, fast notification to the authorities and coverage company can assist result in improved odds of recovery.

First, observe of loss has additionally been undergoing

A transformation imparting insurers a possibility to illustrate their relative professionalism at a time in which their policyholders are likely disappointed and beneath the strain. This is a premiere time, irrespective of whether or not the decision middle is in a house or outsourced to demonstrate a purchaser centric attitude growing client pride and loyalty. Thus, the first note of loss (FNOL) is a vital issue of customer pleasure and patron retention.

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