Best Alternatives for Businesses that Don’t Have a Developer

WebCroppers, a local digital marketing Great New agency, is looking to arm small businesses with helpful tips that will cut costs so they can succeed. We want businesses to have the same opportunity, but to get anywhere, they need a website that looks nice, operates effectively, and gives a great user experience. Many businesses don’t have the money to spend on a full-time developer, and that’s okay, according to the spokesman for WebCroppers, Eugene Feinman. “What a business needs most is a solid website to start them off and simple maintenance until they make enough money to hire a full-time developer,” added Feinman.

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Companies are making it easier and easier for people that don’t know anything about code to build, design, and maintain their website with basic drag and drop tools that have now become a staple in the industry. Companies like GoDaddy and WordPress are two of the leaders in this market, allowing people to choose templates that suit their needs. These templates require only minor tweaks, such as changing an image, adding written content, and changing the color of the design. The result is something that feels unique. WebCroppers, a marketing company that prides itself on providing new businesses with free marketing and design information, has some resources that businesses can use in place of a developer on their staff. Feinman stated, “WebCroppers is built on a team that started from nothing and worked its way to the top. We want businesses to have the same opportunity, but to get anywhere, they need a website that looks nice, operates effectively, and gives a great user experience. We wanted to provide people some of the best CMS sites to build a website for free or at least inexpensively.”

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WordPress- Having one of the most extensive lists of themes, templates, and plugins, this is a great place to start. If your templates lack something, you might add a compatible plugin to remedy the situation. Drupal 8- Drupal is a powerful platform for designing e-commerce websites. You can both add or modify a custom Drupal template in no time. Joomla – Create crisp, modern-looking websites in a matter of minutes. Some famous companies like Nintendo have outsourced their website development for various counties with a simple Joomla setup. Shopify – If you’re in the e-commerce business, then this is definitely the platform to get started on. This CMS will allow people to set up shop literally quickly. GoDaddy – Offering a decent server to host a business’s website, Godaddy makes creating a website simple and fun. For more advice and tips on building a website, contact the experts at WebCroppers for more information.

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