How WooThemes built an over $30m business using a far flung work team

It doesn’t sound easy to trust, but Global Amend Adriaan Pienaar, Magnus Jepson, and Mark Forrester — the founders of WordPress plugin maker Woo Themes — best met for the first time face-to-face sixteen months after registering their business. “We hadn’t even spoken on the phone in that time,” recollects Forrester, who met Jepson and Pienaar on the line in 2007, at the same time as based totally in London. Pienaar turned into residing in Cape Town and Jepson, in Stavanger, Norway, on time.

After registering the commercial enterprise in 2008, the 3 would later base the startup in Cape Town. They grew WooThemes to fifty-five groups of workers individuals throughout 20 countries by the point it was acquired in 2015 (collectively with its sister website WooCommerce) via web development company Automattic in a deal envisioned to be really worth over $30-million, in line with a Techportal article at the time.

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Forrester, who nowadays serves as an advisor to Automattic, says the three to begin with connected via their respective private blogs and shared passion for WordPress and net design. At the time, Forrester changed into providing support for European and South African web-design customers on a contract foundation, even as Jepson changed into operating complete time as a web developer and Pienaar had started a boutique design business enterprise. “All the while, we have been plowing in as a whole lot time to WooThemes as feasible and only speaking over e-mail. So we ought to have possibly executed matters a little quicker, or greater efficaciously in those early days had we taken the plunge and committed all our time to WooThemes,” says Forrester.

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‘You can pretty without problems assess the man or woman of remote work team members by way of a mixture of their written phrases and their work output’ He says the arrangement the three struck up online become in the beginning based totally on a loosely defined income-sharing foundation, wherein they would collaborate on off-the-shelf templates that they might then sell to WordPress customers. “Quite speedy, we decided how our various skillsets complemented every different and what sort of the 3 people have been each contributing toward this new project,” he recollects. He reckons cultural and geographical variety became an advantage in constructing a WordPress business and emblem that turned into specific. “Each folk had one-of-a-kind internet studies, design patterns, and personal networks to leverage,” he adds.

Cape Town workplace

Not long after assembly, the three set up a Cape Town office. They based the organization totally on the office of Pienaar’s design organization at the Tygervalley Waterfront. “As Adi’s consciousness shifted to WooThemes, we have been fortunate a good way to move the group over to running on WooThemes and rebrand the office space,” he says. In 2010, while Forrester moved to South Africa from the UK, he began running out of the WooThemes workplace. “Not out of necessity, but after years of working from a domestic workplace, it changed into quite refreshing to have enterprise and collaborate in a bodily space,” he says. The group continued to develop both remotely and from the Cape Town office. So how did they know for certain that group individuals would be the right suit if they didn’t meet them head to head first? “You can pretty effortlessly assess one’s person via an aggregate in their written phrases and their paintings output. We’ve continually searched for friendly, unbiased, compassionate human beings. With a vital part of our recruitment technique being an ordeal mission or undertaking,” he explains.

‘Shapes inclusive lifestyle.’

He says Automattic has proven, at scale, the best way to recruit a totally various and dynamic team remotely, without conventional and bodily interviews. “They’ve helped me apprehend how biased we regularly are assessing one’s individual and cultural healthy inside mins of an interview. It’s regularly high stress, a nervy encounter that does not replicate your authentic nice,” he says. He says having a self-disciplined and skilled far away group aligned around clear goals makes for a very efficient setup. “It additionally allows shape a diverse and inclusive lifestyle that may be representative and expertise of the specific needs of a very distinctive purchaser base around the sector,” he adds. So, what hints does he have for entrepreneurs seeking to hire far away from work teams?


When to head far off Critically, Forrester reckons startups should simplest remember hiring remote painting groups if they lack the right talents of their immediate vicinity or if they need representatives inside the towns they want to enlarge the commercial enterprise too. “Most importantly, if you lease a faraway team or a few far-flung employees, make investments the money and time into ensuring communique can flow, and be interpreted correctly, among absolutely everyone,” he says. “What we determined with WooThemes become an office with far-flung workers is a complex one to perfect. There are always water cooler conversations in an office that don’t make it online, and divides can easily occur,” he factors out.

Initially, the startup employed international group individuals as settlement people until it constructed up the understanding to sign up more efficient structures in precise countries. Contract people had to make certain they had been tax compliant, he provides. One task turned into paying far-flung paintings team participants. “Exchange controls and PayPal obstacles in South Africa have been month-to-month hardships,” he recalls. He says considering 2010, the group (now beneath Automattic) has been getting collectively for an annual and organization-wide retreat. “It helped that our first one drew global attention and formed one among our exceptional sales weeks of the year,” he provides. “Within Automattic, we still meet once 12 months as a corporation. At 500-plus people. It’s a high-priced exercise with immeasurable blessings,” he says (see this weblog piece via Forrester on closing 12 months’ meet up).

Ultimately Forrester says far away paintings teams are perfect for those organizations that build virtual offerings, have “virtual” clients and no physical inventories, and provides that more and more corporations are adopting far-flung workflows. But he points out that the recent flow using massive corporations like Yahoo and IBM to call their group of workers again to work in region-primarily based offices proves dealing with a far-off workgroup is still difficult to get right.

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