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Great Tips to Design Effective Banner Ads

Banner advertising is a part of traditional digital marketing. Nearly all types and scale of businesses use it for their online promotion. But, what has brought to the popularity of this type of promotion? The major reason is its affordability, other reasons being its easy usage and assessment of precise results.

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However, today, the internet is flooded with millions of banner ads and getting your ad recognizable among them is not an easy task. Moreover, people consider these ads as a mere distraction while working and do not prefer clicking them. Even a well-designed banner ad is ignored by the viewers if it doesn’t interest them. So, how to entice your viewer to click it? Well, there are various design guidelines for making your banner ads irresistible to customers. Have a look at the list of tips to design banners for effective marketing promotions-

Structure of Banner Ad

Designing a proper structure for the ad and prioritizing the elements in the right order plays a crucial role in contributing to the effectiveness of the banner. Make sure you include your company’s name & logo, the value proposition, visual representation of your service and most importantly a call-to-action button in the banner.

The logo is the identity of your business and should be placed at the top for giving it more mileage. The value proposition and call-to-action message should be placed in a way that they are easily distinguishable. The images used should represent the products or services offered by your company and should be attractive and not over-powering the other elements of the ad.

Ideal Size

Another factor affecting the click-through rate of a banner ad is its size. The sizes of banners vary depending upon where they have to be posted. There are some standard sizes that are recognized by Google Adsense as most effective and successful-

  • Leader Board (728×90px)
  • Half Page (300×600px )
  • Medium Rectangle (300×250px)
  • Large Rectangle (336×280px)

There are other supported sizes as well; however, the ones mentioned above are known to give the best results.


You would obviously want people’s attention by flaunting about your company’s expertise, but that doesn’t call for stuffing the layout with unnecessary information. Don’t go overboard with text, images or other elements as it may confuse the viewers. Simply highlight the core message i.e. the unique selling points of your products or service to stimulate the viewers for exploring it.

In addition, make sure that the banner is visually appealing. The colors should catch the attention of the human eye and should complement the logo and the brand identity of the company at the same time.

Loading Time

After posting your banner ads, you want it to load on a web page as quickly as possible so that your target audience can see it easily and interact with it further. But this is possible only if the file size of your banner ad is kept to a minimum. Creating a massive file for your ad will take a lot of time to load and leave a bad user experience for the viewers.


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