‘I Am a Man with Down Syndrome and My Life Is Worth Living’

Last week, the actor, Special Olympian, and advocate Frank Stephens gave this testimony to Congress: “I am a man with Down syndrome, and my existence is well worth dwelling.”

In reality, he went further: “I actually have a perfect lifestyle!

For those conceived with his developmental disability, it’s miles the quality and worst of instances. “The lifestyles expectancy for someone born with Down syndrome has expanded from twenty-5 in the early Eighties to extra than fifty nowadays,” Caitrin Keiper writes in The New Atlantis. “In many different methods as nicely, a toddler born with Down syndrome these days has brighter potentialities than at any other factor in records. Early intervention cures, extra inclusive academic guide, felony protections within the administrative center, and packages for assisted impartial dwelling provide a complete, active destiny within the network.”

Worth Living

But as she is going directly to explain, “the abortion rate for fetuses recognized with Down syndrome tops 90 percent.” In Iceland, nearly every fetus with the situation is killed. CBS News reviews that “the US has an envisioned termination price for Down syndrome of sixty-seven percent (1995-2011); in France, it is 77 percentage (2015); and Denmark, 98 percentage (2015). The law in Iceland permits abortion after 16 weeks if the fetus has a deformity and Down syndrome is blanketed on this class

Summer Penile Syndrome: An Itchy Red Penis Situation

With hot weather right here, it’s time for guys to get outdoors and experience the summer. It is also the method that some men may also come down with an itchy pink penis problem, perhaps regardless of their first-rate efforts at adequately controlling their penis health. While on the occasion that red penis can be caused by sunburn acquired utilizing frequenting a garb non-compulsory seaside, in different instances, it can be what is known as Summer Penile Syndrome.

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Summer Penile Syndrome

Sometimes referred to as “Lion’s Mane Penis” and scientifically defined as seasonal acute hypersensitivity response, Summer Penile Syndrome is classified as a pediatric circumstance; but, there are restrained instances of the situation taking place in adolescent and person adult males as properly. So what’s Summer Penile Syndrome? It normally is marked with the aid of a totally swollen and really pink penis and/or testicles. It also is usually followed by using a severe need to scratch. Sometimes the circumstance lasts handiest for an afternoon or, but in other cases, it could move on for two to three weeks. What reasons this itchy, swollen red penis? In nearly all instances, it is because of being bitten with the aid of a chigger at the penis or testicles.


A chigger is a tiny little red bug (once in a while referred to as a red mite or a harvest mite) – commonly too small to without a doubt be visible without a magnifying glass. They are arachnids, which means participants of the same circle of relatives as spiders, which have tiny claws that allow them to dip into a person’s pores and skin and clearly cling on. When they chew, their saliva enters a person’s body and kills pores and skin cells, which the chigger then feeds off of. This causes the redness, swelling, and itchiness associated with Summer Penile Syndrome.

Chiggers live outdoors and are everywhere in the woods and fields that people roam thru at some stage in the summertime months. Since human beings tend to be dressed in shorts and quick-sleeved shirts inside the summer, the chiggers can easily get admission to the pores and skin they choice. They will move slowly on a person until they find a place that appears proper to them – accordingly, it is smooth for a chigger to get on a man’s leg, move slowly onto his penis, and chunk. And, of a route, guys who go out into nature unclothed are making their penises a far simpler goal for a hungry chigger.


As said, maximum times, Summer Penile Syndrome happens in young boys rather than in men. It is presumed that something within the maturation procedure, perhaps the release of testosterone in copious quantities, by some means prevents chigger bites at the penis from developing into an itchy crimson penis. However, while grownup instances are uncommon, they do occur. Men who enjoy an itchy purple penis after spending time exterior need to keep in mind that a chigger may be accountable.

Life Is Not To Be Feared


All we have come right here with a special task. Some of us know their motive simultaneously as others are either now not conscious or no longer geared up to realize. So many are asleep, but I have spent my whole lifestyles being guided to know these truths to help you see your existence with a brand new pair of eyes. I am a Lightworker who volunteered to come back to earth to enlighten all of you.

I turned into raised within the metropolis of San Francisco.

By way of mother and father who did not need me. My lifestyle started as a rejection till I realized I had to learn how to love myself. During my lifestyle, I was an outcast using all circles of relatives and friends as I have constantly been extraordinary; the black sheep. I turned into bullied for three years simultaneously as in Jr. The high faculty modified me from an outgoing individual to one who spent a maximum of my time alone. I even have skilled every single problem during my existence, which put me in a place of information other emotional needs. Therefore, through my reviews, I actually have ended up a professional emotional healer alongside my Reiki recuperation.

My route became set into the movement with all my trials and tribulations to be the world healer that I am nowadays. I surely agree that the excellent training is non-public stories. I have authored a few books where a few are written even as others are poetic messages that I channel. I receive ninety-eight% of my messages from my ascended masters at the side of my analytical thoughts, which facilitates me to recognize lifestyles from a better size. Earth was the most effective experiment to look if we have been given loose will with no memory of our genuine selves to see if we would discover a better strength. This undertaking was accomplished. Now we’re going through an ascension in which our planet earth is turning into heaven. Venus, the love planet, could be Earth. Only those who stay in the unconditional love of self and all others, even as understanding that we’re all linked as one, will live on earth. Others will be part of whilst they are prepared to.

Gone may be sickness, pressure, judgments.

Religion and racial issues as people who are living right here will simplest be about love. This is a totally thrilling time to be right here. We all volunteered to be a part of this massive change. We are all the true warriors of the mild experiencing many pains, trials, and hardships to triumph over whilst assisting this planet in ascending. My intention in lifestyles is to help you discover ways to assist yourself, peer your existence with one-of-a-kind eyes, specific thoughts, and sense existence in preference to and large the usage of your logical thoughts. You have the power to create what you choose, occur whatever you need, and heal yourself. Life isn’t always to be feared, and when you realize that the whole lot takes place for a reason, then you definitely too will see how superb your lifestyles surely are. This is my undertaking, my present to you and the arena.

The Pros And Cons Of Living Together During A Trial Separation


I sometimes pay attention to folks who are getting ready to start a martial or trial separation. Often, the separation wasn’t their idea, and, deep down, they are against it. They are hoping to get the separation over with as soon as viable so one can get on with the business of saving their marriage. Because of our evil economic system, many couples no longer decide to live aside while they are separated. Many determine to attend until they have decided whether or now not they’re going to divorce earlier than making any decision regarding who’s transferring out and when. And while a few of the couples don’t have tons of a preference about nonetheless residing collectively at some stage in the marital or trial separation, they fear if it’s miles the proper or high-quality issue to do.

I heard from a wife who said

For the beyond numerous months, my husband has been telling me that he is sad about our marriage and wants to discover a separation. I did not need the separation, but what becomes I presupposed to do? We can’t manage to pay for him to get a rental while attempting to sort out his emotions. So he wants to retain to live collectively even as we are separated. When I informed my mother about this, she said that it became a crazy concept. She said that he will have no incentive to quit the separation if we’re still living collectively. He won’t be able to omit me or lengthy for me or see what’s he lacking even as he chose to stay alone. She supplied to permit me to stay together with her at some point of the separation. Is she right? Is it OK to continue to live with your spouse when you are separated? Is it an awesome idea? The idea of living with my mother does not enchantment to me in the least.”

Consider The Pros Of Cons Of Living Together During

The Separation: There is no one definitive answer to this spouse’s questions. But there are some pros and cons of persevering in living together at some point in your separation. On the plus side, while you still live collectively, you should not fear luring your husband lower back home. You may not recognize what a top-notch benefit is; however, many wives have a tough time getting their husbands back home once he has left. You are doubtlessly capable of avoiding this obstacle if he stays in your own home. Another plus is which you have greater access to your husband. You may have a less complicated time speaking and reconnecting with him than you’ll if he changed into dwelling somewhere else. Also, psychologically speaking, many people inform me that the separation does now not feel as very last or as severe when the couple is nevertheless residing together.

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