List of Mac Equivalents to Windows Software Programs

If you have simply converted from Windows to Mac, and are nevertheless pressured about the functions and features of the numerous applications and programs that Mac has to provide, then undergo this Buzzle article to know the right Mac equivalents to the maximum-used Windows packages.

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The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), normally observed on Windows, is known as Kernel Panic in Mac terminology.
It can be a slightly tough assignment for a person who is used to operating on Windows to look for even the maximum simple programs and packages on Mac. Though the latter OS is also consumer-friendly, users commonly wander off within the international of Apple’s OS and eventually go back to Windows. So, if you do not desire to go back and make the most of your Mac, it’s far vital to recognize the right alternatives for Windows packages and applications in this new OS platform.

  • Widget Engines
  • Windows
  • SidebarMac
  • Dashboard

Windows Sidebar has a variety of devices to provide for short navigation, but about Mac, you can not question the effectiveness of Dashboard. While Mac offers widgets in diverse categories, Windows has a handful of these.

The DVD Player is the default video participant in Mac OS. However, this participant would not aid all video formats. A tons-higher opportunity is the VLC media player that performs nearly all video formats.

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In Mac, Front Row is used for navigating and viewing videos, pics, podcasts, and playing the track. However, in 2011 this software became discontinued, and Mac users have been most effective left with iTunes. In ways, because the Windows equivalent is involved, customers report and consider staying television, arranging, and playing music and videos. It is available as an upload-on in Windows eight Pro.

  • Dock
  • Windows
  • ObjectDockMac
  • The Dock

The Dock that sits at the bottom of the laptop has all the necessary and regularly used apps in Mac. This is an inbuilt feature that shows the apps which are presently going for walks. In Windows, there’s no such inbuilt characteristic, but you could download ObjectDock to get the hang of the real Mac Dock.

  • Music Player
  • Windows
  • Media PlayerMac
  • iTunes

The default tune participant that Windows offers is the Windows Media Player, even as iTunes is the default player in Mac. Both players can be taken into consideration as equals about tuning gambling skills.

  • Photo Editing
  • Windows
  • PicasaMac
  • photo

Picasa is the most used image-modifying software program, which includes geotagging and face reputation functions. Apart from this, one can even add one’s photographs on the Picasa internet site. For Mac users, the photo is an excellent device to manage pics and proportion them through iMessage, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.

  • Managing Personal Videos
  • Windows
  • Movie MakerMac
  • iMovie

To convert one’s personal films and pictures into professional-great movies, Windows offers a Movie Maker software program. One can upload soundtracks and themes to those movies. Its Mac equivalent is iMovie, which offers a brought feature of creating trailers from the available pictures.

  • Online Chat
  • Windows
  • Microsoft Messenger (Skype)Mac
  • iChat

The pre-setup chat is an exceptional issue on offer at some distance as the Mac OS is concerned. One can use textual content chat, audio chat, video chat, and installation multi-individual chat. This feature comes built-in, whereas Windows offered Microsoft Messenger, which gave manner to Skype in April 2013. Skype also offers in-app calling.

  • Backup Utility
  • Windows
  • Backup Status and ConfigurationMac
  • Time Machine

To create a backup of critical files and/or restore accidentally deleted files from your Windows gadget, the Backup Status and Configuration is the in-constructed backup application. For Mac customers, the Time Machine application does the equal. However, an outside force or AirPort Time Capsule is needed further on your Mac machine.

  • Desktop Customization
  • Windows
  • DexpotMac
  • Spaces

Windows do no longer offer any pre-established computer customization device. However, there are many downloadable apps for the stated purpose, just like the Dexpot device. However, Mac gives an in-constructed tool called Spaces, that bureaucracy part of the Mission Control institution, inside the Dock. All apps and home windows can be organized on separate desktops.

  • Browser
  • Windows
  • Internet ExplorerMac
  • Safari

The default browser for accessing the internet on Windows is Internet Explorer. Apart from this, one also can deploy Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and set them as default browsers. While using Mac, the default browser is Safari, which fits closely with the cloud.

  • Personal Calendar
  • Windows
  • Windows CalendarMac
  • iCal

Windows allows you to maintain a private calendar, wherein customers can tune their appointments and subscribe to other online calendars. For Mac users, iCal lets users keep the music of their schedule, appointments, etc., along with a subscription to other calendars.

  • Email Account
  • Windows
  • outlook mac
  • Mail

All Windows customers can set up their electronic mail account inside the default application―Microsoft Outlook. Apart from its mailing competencies, Outlook additionally offers calendar offerings. Mac users have an in-constructed Mail assistant, which has the most effective mailing capabilities. However, each of those offerings is pre-mounted in their local OS.

  • Working with PDFs
  • Windows
  • Adobe RenderMan
  • Preview

PDF documents may be viewed, edited, and created using Adobe Reader on the Windows OS. On Mac, Preview is the fine equal for Adobe. Preview also supports viewing and enhancing popular photograph file formats i.E. JPEG, TIFF, and PNG.

  • Presentations
  • Windows
  • PowerPointMac
  • Keynote

For creating visually eye-catching presentations, Windows gives PowerPoint slide presentation software. The trendy model of PowerPoint can be established on your Mac. However, Keynote is the presentation software program this is native to Mac OS. It offers abilities just like PowerPoint.

  • Word Processing
  • Windows
  • Notepad/WordpadMac
  • TextEdit

To create textual content documents in Windows, customers can both use Wordpad or Notepad. However, their Mac equal―TextEdit―has advanced capabilities of creating textual content documents, uploading images, gambling around with HTML, and the addition of music and film files.

  • Graphics Editing
  • Windows
  • photoshop mac
  • Pixelmator

The portraits enhancing software provided using Windows is Photoshop, which allows the introduction of 3-D images, movement photographs enhancing, and superior photograph analysis capabilities. For Mac customers, Pixelmator offers similar abilities. Users want to put in both this software, as they may be now not inbuilt.

  • Desktop Publishing
  • Windows
  • Microsoft PublisherMac
  • studio Publisher

The Microsoft Publisher software permits users to create expert-nice files through the use of diverse design gear. It is straightforward to create brochures, newsletters, ads, etc., by way of the usage of the templates furnished in the Publisher. Mac customers can use audio Publisher, which is likewise a smooth-to-use page format software. Microsoft Publisher is an in-constructed entity, at the same time as one desires to purchase studio Publisher.

Windows customers can edit motion pictures, arrange various movies, and manage limitless video and audio tracks using Adobe Premiere Elements. For Mac customers, the same features are to be had in Final Cut Pro. The software program will switch the video files to an internal/outside difficult drive, after which carry out diverse operations. Premiere Elements 9.0 version is to be had for Mac OS X.

  • Database Management
  • Windows
  • access map
  • Filemaker

Microsoft Access lets Windows users manipulate laptop databases in addition to create browser-based database packages for business functions. Users also can proportion the database that is stored on SQL servers. Filemaker is the equivalent for Mac customers to preserve information in their commercial enterprise lawsuits. Research information inside the form of audio and photograph files also can be stored in this software program. Due to the significant use of both working structures, there are loads of software applications developed normally. We could not include all of the packages in this text, but we’ve stated the most-used and popular packages. I hope your switch from Windows to Mac is a clean one.

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