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It became now not her intention to follow in her father’s footsteps into finance, however, at 30 years vintage, this is in which Marian Ross discovered herself. And there she has found her calling. The new assistant vice-president of investments and buying and selling at Sterling Asset Management sat down with Outlook at the Blends Bar at The Jamaica Pegasus lodge recently as the brand new kid on the block in a male-dominated field.

The first of children, Ross stated that as a baby she had no clue what she desired to end up. “For a quick duration I concept I desired to be an attorney much like my mom, but that didn’t final very long. Around the age of 12 or 13, I examine this e-book referred to as Rich Dad Poor Dad and that’s sort of where I was given into being attentive to enterprise and searching at stocks and making an investment. But I suppose at that point, I just notion that that’s what I am going to do at the facet, no longer as a profession.”

Though her father, Charles Ross

Had left the engineering discipline and began Sterling Asset Management years earlier, it changed into now not till Ross started out her undergraduate studies at the University of Western Ontario in Canada that she realized the procession route was a possible one for her. She had usually, but, understood the price of cash.

“When I went away to college, I started out searching for stocks extra often. I met different those who had similar hobbies, and I started out reading the Wall Street Journal and Yahoo Finance religiously. At that point, I realized, ‘Oh, there are humans that truly do this for a residing.'”

While many men and women count on that her father encouraged her career choice, Ross defined that her father’s impact became more indirect than one could think.

Fresh Paint Can Make Your Business More Attractive


With the help of commercial painters, you can make your commercial enterprise extra appealing. It can be looking older and ran down, but which can all be resolved. You can hire them to color it the equal colorations but the replacement may be refreshing and appealing. Perhaps it’s time to attempt a few new colorings to make the enterprise warm and alluring.

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You can pick to color the indoors and the exterior with the assist of industrial painters. They have the right abilities, equipment, and policies to get the task finished with no trouble. They understand you are working a commercial enterprise, so they may do their exceptional to limit any interruptions. They can be able to work around your business hours. If you’re closed at night and at the weekends, that may match.

This would allow them to get the paintings accomplished without interrupting your employees or your customers. However, that isn’t always a solution as many organizations are open at night time and at the weekend. Don’t fear, business painters are going to attempt to work out the fine feasible solution for you.

Prep Work

Before the economic painters can begin the paintings, they are going to want to prep the floor. This ensures the paint will stay on well and it will reduce the visible signs and symptoms of any blemishes. Depending on the structure, this can be a time-consuming part of the method. They must be capable of giving you an estimate of the work to be executed and the way long it’ll take to complete.

Such prep paintings also consist of blocking areas where you don’t need paint or overspread to attain. Protecting floors, office fixtures, windows, and greater should be a vital element in completing this step of the project.

Painting and Trim Work

Most commercial painters use spray equipment that applies the paint fast and calmly. However, some of them nonetheless do the paintings by hand with paintbrushes. Inquire approximately the method for use before you lease them. There are professionals and cons to each strategy. You might also have a desire of which you need to be executed to your task.

Sometimes, the sort of surface the paint can be carried out to is going to influence which approach they use to get success final results. The trim work is frequently carried out with the aid of hand with small brushes because of the tiny regions in which the paint may be applied. It all depends on the type of layout and format your business has.

Is a Sexy Voice More Attractive Than a Pretty Face?


Do I study an article in Psychology Today entitled, Is a Sexy Voice More Attractive Than a Pretty Face? My question with the statistics and the research is not whether or not an attractive voice is greater appealing than one’s face but how they judged their findings.

There isn’t any doubt that women locate men with a deep voice each attractive and appealing – the past due terrific Barry White had not handiest an exceptionally wealthy, warm sensual singing voice, however, his talking voice changed into simply as fascinating. We swooned over this man.

However, I disagree about part of the records regarding the girl’s voice. The article said that “men opt for women with better-pitched voices. Women with higher-pitched voices are perceived to be more youthful-as well as thinner.” In all my years of teaching voice, I actually have not determined that men decide upon women with excessive-pitched voices. Quite the opposite. Of all of the first rate roles inside the films in which a sensual voice turned into warranted, the movie agencies did no longer choose Fran Drescher, Wanda Sykes or Anna Kendrick!

There is a first-rate scene within the film Victor/Victoria in which

The lovely and attractive Lesley Ann Warren is trying to seduce James Garner. Garner has lately switched his affections from Warren to Julie Andrews. You can see via his expression that Warren’s excessive-pitched whiny voice is turning him off.

[Incidentally, for comedy, a high-pitched annoying voice is a bonus. Listen to Jane Curtain’s nasal whine when she is playing a comedic role; then listen to her speak in an interview. Curtain’s ‘real’ speaking voice is wonderfully resonant.]

What makes a voice appealing is its warm temperature. A voice that’s being powered by means of the chest hollow space has warmth. Unfortunately, most of the people (ninety-nine%) are not using their cavity in this manner; therefore, their voices lack warmth. Add the chest hollow space to the location of the voiced sound, however, and you’ve voices like that of Scarlett Johansson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Angelina Jolie, Felicia Rashad, and Kathleen Turner.

The question I even have the facts which had been cited within the article from Psychology Today is whether they were questioning the guys about their reasons: had been the men judging the female voice as to whether they simply wanted to connect with her or whether they surely wanted to pay attention to what she becomes saying? A high-pitched female voice may also signify thinner and more youthful but let’s be honest approximately the purpose. A 50-yr-vintage man looking for a 20-yr-vintage isn’t always looking for intellect! He’s searching out a face without wrinkles, breasts which might be firm, and legs without cellulite! If she seems like a bimbo, oh well.

Merits and Demerits of Equity Finance


Equity finance means the proprietor, own budget, and finance. Usually, small-scale enterprise together with partnerships and sole proprietorships are operated by their owner through their personal finance. Joint inventory corporations function on the premise of equity shares, but their management isn’t the same as proportion holders and traders.

Merits of Equity Finance:

Following are the merits of equity finance:

(i) Permanent in Nature: Equity finance is permanent in nature. There is not any need to pay off it until liquidation occurs. Shares once offered to continue to be in the market. If any shareholder wants to promote the one’s shares he can achieve this inside the inventory trade wherein agency is indexed. However, this can no longer pose any liquidity trouble for the company.

(ii) Solvency: Equity finance will increase the solvency of the commercial enterprise. It additionally facilitates in increasing the financial status. In instances of want the percentage capital may be extended by using inviting gives the majority to subscribe for brand new stocks. This will enable the organization to efficiently face the financial disaster.

(iii) Credit Worthiness: High fairness finance will increase creditworthiness. A business wherein fairness finance has high proportion can without problems take the mortgage from banks. In evaluation to those corporations which might be under extreme debt burden, now not continue to be appealing to buyers. A Higher percentage of fairness finance approach that less money can be wanted for the fee of interest on loans and monetary charges, a lot of the earnings can be dispensed amongst percentage holders.

(iv) No Interest: No hobby is paid to any outsider in case of fairness finance. This will increase the internet earnings of the business which may be used to enlarge the scale of operations.

(v) Motivation: As in equity

Finance all of the earnings remain with the proprietor, so it gives him motivation to paintings extra hard. The sense of inspiration and care is more in a commercial enterprise that is financed by means of proprietor’s own money. This keeps the businessman aware and active to are searching for opportunities and earn income.

(vi) No Danger of Insolvency: As there may be no borrowed capital so no reimbursement needs to be made in any strict lime timetable. This makes the entrepreneur loose from monetary concerns and there may be no risk of insolvency.

(vii) Liquidation: In case of polishing off or liquidation there may be no outsiders charge at the assets of the enterprise. All the belongings stay with the owner.

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