Pennsbury graduate featured in the 2018 Pin-up for Vets calendar

Michelle Rivera served in the U.S. Army reserves for four years, along with a year’s deployment in the Iraq battle war region. Duty. Honor. Service. The motto Michelle Rivera lived by while serving in the U.S. Army reserves at some stage in the Iraq battle. It remains the chant the 1999 Pennsbury graduate follows in her civilian life.

“I have to be of service,” stated Rivera, who now lives in California.

It’s in my nature. I need to do something significant. I need to feel like I have a purpose and am contributing something. So now I volunteer. I’m a lively member of the American Legion. It’s a terrific way to hold serving after carrier.” Rivera’s involvement with the American Legion in Hollywood, California, currently led her to a new, sudden manner to serve: She turned into recruited to be a 2018 Pin-up for Vets calendar model.

Congratulations graduate

California resident Gina Elise based the nonprofit effort in 2006 to begin producing World War II-fashion pin-up calendars in honor of her overdue grandfather, who fought in WWII. The calendars characteristic girl veterans as models and are offered to elevate cash to buy contemporary rehabilitation system to donate to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals, deliver morale-boosting care programs to deployed troops, and do pin-up makeovers for army other halves and lady veterans.

Members of the Pin-up organization also go to all 50 states to offer the calendars to vets in VA hospitals, army hospitals, and state veterans homes. “I love what Pin-Ups for Vets does, especially for hospitalized veterans,” Rivera stated. “Beyond elevating cash for medical system or services, the health facility visits truly carry the vets’ spirits. That’s valuable. I additionally love that girl veterans are part of the calendar, allowing us to show humans every other side of girls veterans.”

Rivera is Miss July in the 2018 calendar.

“We have been going for an antique Independence Day theme for the image,” she said. The 36-12 months-old vet posed in the front of a 1929 Ford Model A, wearing a spaghetti-strapped play in shape. Her hair changed into an up-do, and he or she turned into retaining a U.S. Flag. An antique luggage bag is located in front of her to suggest she is ready to escape for a holiday.

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“I’m so happy I get to be Miss July,” Rivera said. “I love Independence Day, so it’s best for me.” Rivera, now a mastering and organizational development specialist for the University of Southern California’s human assets department, stated it changed into the primary time she ever did a photoshoot. She became a touch worried going into the revel-in.

But each person was concerned in the shoot at a California ranch.

From Elise to the digital camera team — “had been so distinctly gracious” that she felt proper at home. Rivera said the longest part of the day was the hour she spent having her hair and make-up executed before the shoot, but the whole thing went easily while she participated in the calendar-making procedure. “Posing in the front of an antique vehicle was actually becoming for me due to the fact I become a motor transport operator in the Army,” stated Rivera, who turned into deployed to Iraq from 2004 to 2005. “I didn’t get to force anything almost that stunning, although. I drove M915A2 tractor-trailers. My unit turned into a gas-hauling unit.

Recent College Graduate – Beware of the Credit Trap


Our eldest daughter currently graduated from university (1 down – three to go). She headed West to take an internship to help her obtain some certifications that she desires. During her college years, our mailbox changed into full of Student Loan organizations, ensuring that she knew that they were there for her – to lend her what she needed to complete her degree. Now that she has her degree – our mailbox is complete of credit card businesses providing her the credit that “she wishes” to get her existence in complete gear.

I had been shredding the gives as brief as they come into the house.

And I actually have shared with her the trap that these companies are putting for her and her contemporaries. Last week in preference to shredding the gives – I allow them to acquire a pile on my table. We opened them, and the primary few sentences of every letter were quite eye-beginning. “You labored difficult to attain your diploma, and that difficult work earned you our respect. “Congratulations on attaining your college diploma. As you start your expert lifestyles, you may want to rely on credit to get you commenced… ”

“Great activity. Let us praise you with a tremendous possibility to can help you construct your credit score rating. Here is the normal way that this ends up for our teenagers. As the offers come in, the current graduate accepts some of them – feeling exceptional that their hard work has been recognized and the noble goal to have the playing cards in case of an emergency. The card businesses might also tout credit limits within the $1500 to $2000 variety – but the truth is that once the programs are submitted – unless the graduate has already achieved first-rate income – most times they’ll be given a smaller restrict – in the $500 range.

Once they have the playing cards, the temptation

To apply them will become nearly impossible to conquer. Perhaps it’s a chunk of apparel, or nighttime out with friends or even the purchase of a gift for a loved one. The purpose – as we all understand – is constantly the same. “I will use the card to buy this… And I pay the stability off whilst the invoice comes in”. Then whilst the invoice comes in, and the minimum payment is best $25 – most will pay the minimum because they have got other cash go with the flow desires that appear extra vital at that time. And this cycle repeats itself month after month.

The credit agencies will start to provide increases in credit limits as time moves ahead. As they see bills being made on time – that little restriction of $500 – actions to $750 – then to $one thousand – then to $1500. Move the clock beforehand 5 years, and these teens can find themselves in $20,000 plus of credit score card debt – paying minimum bills of $500 in keeping with month – and in reality making no dent within the important balances. It is a cycle of economic paralysis.

Streamline Your Small Business Using a Fully Featured Invoicing Solution


Taking care of invoices in your business can now and again be stressful, frustrating, and time-eating. This does not need to be the case, as you may get invoicing software program that could help make your paintings less difficult. As a small business proprietor, you have some specific solutions to choose from concerning invoicing software programs. Countless small agencies currently use handwritten invoices or a few types of office templates whilst writing invoices. The major drawback of those solutions is the need to enter every detail when making a new bill. Customer, article, date, and so on. All need to be written/entered on every occasion. Finding antique invoices or storing modern-day invoices is a potential nightmare because of the lack of search facilities.

Using a respectable invoicing answer will help you input customer details.

Inventory articles u. S. Facts etc. One time and for all. When you write a new invoice, you should input the purchaser ID and the articles bought (or discover them using the hunt functions) and let the software cope with the rest. This will prove to be a major time-saver for your employer, and as a Small Business Owner, paperwork is by no means the pinnacle priority, so saving time right here is important. Invoicing software program additionally gives the capacity to enter a recurring bill, meaning that if you have repeat enterprise from the identical consumer on an ordinary basis, you most effective should make the primary invoice and assign a time body for the rest. The software will now mechanically create recurring invoices for you, saving you even more time. This feature is terrific for small carrier agencies, including cleaning or lawn work in which you need to write the equal bill each week/month. However, different companies will find the feature very powerful.

AllRound Invoice

For the beyond 8 years, Vipilon ApS has been growing and improving their Small Business Invoice control System AllRound Invoice. The latest version now includes five exclusive Editions making sure you’ve got precisely the capabilities your Small Business needs.

Discovering the Importance of the Mayan Calendar


The gadget Maya used to calculate time intervals is one of the most inspiring. Many astronomers, mathematicians, and different scientists have studied it to recognize its use and how it affected different civilizations as much as present-day times. The Mayan calendar became first used for the duration of the sixth century BC. It’s in an advance form calculated time during times and changed into most effective used to apprehend if one occasion turned into before or after another. This made it obvious that they understood the linear theory of time as past, present, future. However, the Mayan calendar becomes quickly advanced into one of the maximum complete systems for those days. The calendar used a shape to calculate long durations of time known as the Long Count and another form to calculate shorter periods known as the Short Count. Both bureaucracies are based on several elapsed days relationship from the first day they formed it. They used this date because of the start line. The date has been diagnosed. However, it nonetheless stays different, relying on whether you calculate it using the Gregorian or the Julian calendar.

The development of the Mayan calendar is .exciting

To scientists and historians for several motives. Scientists and especially astronomers have studied it generally because of the interest it suggests in lunar cycles. In reality, there may be a supplementary shape that changed into used, particularly the Venus cycle, that showed that they could calculate the Venus cycle very accurately. This accuracy in calculating the Venus cycle turned into based totally on commentary from astronomers of those times, which is essential and interesting for today’s astronomers. This complimentary shape became utilized in correlation with the numerous ideals that they had. For instance, it is stated that they commenced all wars whilst Venus reached a positive factor. Historians, however, are inquisitive about the Mayan calendar for every other cause. There is evidence that supplementary cycles that were used had been associated with animals and food. This shows the importance of the whole way of life. The calendar became an entire manner to occur their subculture. Their existence became based on troubles like that.

The most crucial aspect we understand from the

Mayan calendar and its use is the reality that they had a totally entire civilization. They understood the idea of time, they had a full thought of past, present, and destiny, and certainly, this changed into the point wherein they initially based the sooner shape of the calendar. Another thing this is very crucial is the truth that failing to calculate time with one shape of the calendar, they added supplementary bureaucracy. This indicates an evolvement to make an accurate shape based on sciences that they had conquered, like astronomy. The ultimate component to keep in mind is that they based their entire lifestyles on those time intervals and periods. It was utilized in all existence phases, demonstrating a sophisticated form of civilization. War, seasons and many different critical things had been decided upon it.

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