Plasma TV Problems

While your plasma TV may additionally possibly in no way increase any of the given issues, being cautious is usually an exact idea. With new technology, there were some drastic adjustments inside the great plasma TVs. It’s time we positioned ourselves to relax the distinction between real problems and common misconceptions regarding plasma TVs.


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At 152 inches, Panasonic’s 4K2K three-D is one of the world’s biggest plasma TVs, marking that plasma TVs can constantly be available in bigger sizes. Despite the evolving nature of a generation, we will by no means have too few problems with something, plasma TVs covered. Pixelation, image retention (burn-in), and rainbow effect (whilst watching fast-shifting photos) are some problems in all likelihood to stand with plasma TVs. The appearance of a sunburst pattern at the show is any other difficulty with those TVs. Users also whinge of excessive power intake (lowering brightness and assessment ranges can assist) and over-heating (making sure the right airflow is the answer). Also, those TVs do no longer feature properly at excessive altitudes. That said, plasma TVs still stay the prime desire for plenty purchasers due to their terrific display and potential to have larger screens at affordable costs.

Most Common Plasma Television Problems

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Pixelation is a common plasma TV problem that many proprietors face. This is essential while you begin seeing squarish spots on your TV. Before you jump to conclusions, do a simple test to confirm that it’s far. In reality, your TV, this is the trouble. Try the usage of inputs from more than one gadget (cable, gaming console, computer). Chances are, it is the entrance; it is a problem. If the trouble nevertheless persists, attempt changing the display resolution, like looking at a four:3 format video in a non-stretched mode. If you continue to see the problem, you don’t, in reality, have a lot of a desire to call the seller.

Sunburst Pattern on Display

Another plasma TV trouble is a sunburst sample on display, much like ones determined on computer monitors. What takes place is you can see a ring or a burst of color. The major motive for that is a display screen that isn’t absolutely flat. This may be as a result of something like urgent the plasma tv display screen too tough. You may additionally cover the television with a pitcher case. However, this may simplest grow the display screen’s reflectivity.


This is a common plasma TV hassle that causes a static photograph to be faintly visible even after the display adjustments. This is called image retention or picture burn-in, and the sample stays seen while you are looking for something else. This hassle is now almost undetectable in more modern plasma monitors that have higher technology. Manufacturers now consist of integrated technology like ‘pixel wobbling’ to address this trouble. This era subtly shifts the photograph to surrounding pixels and keeps the pics transferring. Quite frankly, the handiest locations in which burn-ins are not unusual are in plasma TVs used to reveal airline timings in airports. Apart from that, a slight ghost image that lasts for a short time earlier than fading off is all that users see.


Plasma TVs basically work by way of heating gases in the panel. While this does not immediately suggest that plasma TVs tend to overheat, leaving them on for a long period (upwards of 18 hours) can motivate them to get slightly warmer than their normal temperature. Still, this isn’t a trouble to get concerned approximately and poses no harm to you, your room, or your TV. Just make sure there is sufficient airflow for the TV and the wall in the back of it.

Fan Noise

This is, once more, a hassle time-honored generally in older plasma TVs. New TVs from popular manufacturers did not often pose this trouble, and in the case that they do, additionally, it is a manufacturing defect. Exercise caution whilst you’re buying 2d-hand plasma TVs although, this will be one of the extra common problems with them.


Reflections on the TV screen from surrounding mild sources are a completely distracting and annoying hassle. The point of interest keeps transferring from the snapshots at the display screen to the snapshots meditated. To overcome this problem with plasma TVs, you could both pull up the blinds or reduce the room’s mild intensity while looking at the TV. Another answer is to buy plasma TVs that have a integrated anti-reflective coating on display. This will assist lessen the mirrored image on the display screen. However, you still want to regulate the room lights.

Increased Power Usage

Plasma TVs tend to consume extra strength than maximum different show devices. Consequently, you may observe a hike in your power bill. Reducing the brightness and contrast to medium tiers will help the difficulty, but lowering photograph high-quality after buying a TV that functions it is not truly an alternative that one would go for. All in all, the bills you rack up due to proudly owning a plasma TV are not too huge compared to LCD and LED TVs. You also must take into account that primitive plasma TVs used crude show methods. A new generation has made it feasible to provide more and more electricity-green plasma TVs. They’re nevertheless now not as green as LED/LCD TVs even though, so it’s far prudent to consider a plasma TV as a protracted-time period rate.

Phosphor Trails, Rainbow Effect, and Posterization

Another plasma television problem is a phosphor path or phosphor tag. You will observe this hassle whilst viewing rapid-moving, pictures-extensive computer games or film scenes, in particular in the case of black and white movies. This hassle is because of the immediate trade from light to dark in an area of the display. You may study inexperienced trials or flashes in such cases. Very few people look at this effect, or even if they do, it’s miles small sufficient to be not noted. If you are stricken via this green trail, lower the assessment or have greater ambient light sources to dull the effect. Other associated effects are usually a visible rainbow-like formation. Simultaneously, the show consists of high-contrast pix and getting a poster-like impact, whilst the photo carries as a substitute small factors of brilliant light (just like the Sun in the back of the mountains). These troubles were recorded ordinarily in older plasma TVs (2010 and earlier than); the new generation has achieved plenty to limit them to negligible limits.

High Altitude Issues

If you’re living somewhere above 6,500 toes, you need to attend to which version you’re shopping for. There is a reason why flight TVs are continually LCD. That’s due to the fact plasma TVs do no longer function properly at excessive altitudes. The TV starts making a humming sound after a while, broadly speaking, because the atmospheric pressure is just too low to preserve a consistent degree of gases inside the panel. All plasma TVs come with a maximum altitude restriction. Most of them have it at 6,000 – 6,500 ft above sea degree. However, certain manufacturers from LG work till about 8,500 toes. If you think the altitude might be a hassle, test the TVs maximum altitude limit earlier than shopping for it.

People normally have questions on whether or not any special care desires to be taken simultaneously as transport a plasma TV and if one needs to attend earlier than putting it up for use. A commonplace situation among plasma TV consumers is how safe it’s far to move the TV set with its display laid down. The problem right here is with the glass breakage. If the display, inside the laid down role, is cushioned (protected in a gentle and thick material) all through shipping, cracking of the glass may be averted. The different question is whether or now not to attend before you begin using the tv set. Unless it has been moved from a few bloodless areas to room temperature (this will cause condensation at the glass), there’s no cause to anticipate any precise duration earlier than you start using it.

There are other myths and rumors about plasma TVs that contribute to decreasing their income. When all is stated and finished, plasma TVs nonetheless provide the fine photograph quality and could, in all likelihood, keep doing so for at least a while longer. Still, if you intend to buy one, ensure you are taking all of the above points to attention and optimistically get the one that suits your needs.

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