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How to Use the AXS Machine?

You can still use the AXS machine for payment motives as of April 2018. You can read all the terms and conditions applied to it from the official website to clear out your mind. But the highlighted thing is that the AXS service fee also has expensive now as the rates have increased now. There is a difference of one dollar as it jumps from $5 to $6, and this is not a new thing amid the COVID-19 crisis.

But you can pay all your bills, payments, fines, and other related payments through the AXS machine as the AXS app is not available for all these monetary transactions till now. They are still working on the M-AXS to make all the payments possible on it. But till then, we need to visit the AXS machine physically to make any of the payments.AXS machine is a legal station that can be easily used by any person who wants to pay for their bills, expenses and fines & others as it is easy to use. Let us know more about the AXS machine.

AXS machine

What is an AXS machine?

In simple words, the AXS machine is a one-stop solution that is multi-application along with an interactive self-service terminal available for all. It helps people pay comprehensive bills, fine payments, prepaid top-up, ticketing, online government e-Services, and others. These machines are available all day and night to serve their customers, and it has become the greatest largest public broadband transactional terminal network across the regions of Singapore. When these machines are placed at convenient points, it ensures better accessibility and convenience for the different demographic customer groups by searching as a machine near me.

All such stations accept payment via ATM card and choose credit cards. Some of the accepted credit and debit cards include Citibank, POSB, DBS, HSBC, OCBC Bank, Maybank, Standard Chartered, and UOB.

Services offered by AXS machine

You can experience the convenience of comprehensive payment services. The machine provides you with a wide range of payment selections and an extensive range of required daily services at the fingertips. There are more than 500 services provided by AXS e station and offering an array of payment services. Some of these services include the following:

  • Bills Payment
  • Fines Payment
  • NParks BBQ Pit Booking
  • Home and student services
  • Prepaid card top-up
  • Government eServices
  • Promotions
  • Ticketing
  • Service includes eight categories: Government, Lifestyle, Education, Ticketing, Community, Finance, and top-up.

This is all about the AXS machine and the different services provided by this station across Singapore. Now, let us move forward to know how to use the axis machine. Move further and know more.

Scoot via AXS machine

It is easy to pay for Scoot flight tickets through AXS, and also, both Tigerair and Scoot are the same things. To get the payment, you need to go to Setting and choose to ticket. Are you going on a vacation? Then, book your tickets through the AXS machine that helps reduce the price of the flight. With the help of an AXS machine, it has become super easy and quick too. Let us know how to pay scoot via axis.

1. Make the ticket reservation

First off, you need to book your ticket on Scoot by simply going through the process of Scoot and choose the travel destinations with dates and times. When you come to the payment page, then select the AXS option. There is a service fee of SGD6 rather than SGD19 through credit cards. Further, they will provide you with 24 hours to make payment at an AXS machine with a booking reference number. This number is of six-digits before you pay and specific to some travel ticket. You can get this number in the mail by Scoot and the booking number when the ticket gets reserved.

2. Visit an AXS machine

You will get the home screen of the AXS machine. Then, choose Ticketing and Scoot and make the flight payment.

3. Key in Booking reference details

Choose Ticketing and tap on Scoot. Further, pay by an AXS physical machine, and it does not work over the online AXS website and mobile AXS app. Then, all details as required to make the payment successful.

4. Confirm your receipt

The receipt will be generated at the end, and it contains all info such as your name, contact number, email, and address. Scoot gets notified about your payment, and you will get your booking confirmation after booking within 24 hours. This method is used when we want to know how to pay for tiger airways via axis machine.

Top-up via Axs machine

Here is a step-by-step guide on top-up Medisave using as, and let us look at these steps below.

  1. Choose either “Top-up” or “Services” from the panel.
  2. Tap on the EZ-link card and choose Top-up EZ-link card.
  3. Place the card on the card reader above the pin pad. Do not remove the card until you get instructed to do so.
  4. Choose the top-up amount and tap on “Continue” to proceed.
  5. Confirm the details of the top-up.
  6. That is all, and your transaction has been done.

These are some highlighted services provided by AXS online, and some other wide ranges of payment services are available such as credit cards, loans, insurance, utilities, and telecommunications.

Bottom Line

In the end, it is all about the AXS machine and how it works. It is compatible to accept almost any credit and debit card, as we have listed above. These are the basic details about this quick, easier, and affordable machine. In Singapore, the machine has gained a lot of importance, and people are using this for various payments such as bills, top-up, flight ticketing, finances, government services, and so on. It is simple to use and good for making payments easily and ideally.

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