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Windows 7 Advantages Over XP

When the brand new Windows 7 operating Cloud Light gadget was released, humans started out deliberating blessings Windows 7 has over XP. The contrast between the running systems becomes inevitable as the Windows XP is one of the most famous of the running structures released by way of Microsoft.

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Whenever Microsoft introduces a new running system within the marketplace, humans purchase it to upgrade their systems. The same came about while Windows Vista, the predecessor of Windows 7, changed into released within the marketplace. However, after Vista’s use for a while, the general public downgraded their structures to XP (the predecessor of Vista) because of various issues with Windows Vista. Therefore, when Microsoft launched Windows 7, it made laptop customers skeptical. To clean their doubts, they need to recognize Windows 7 blessings over XP, earlier than they virtually improve to the new working machine tiding over the decade-old running system.

Advantages of Windows 7 over Windows XP OS



The new taskbar is a first-rate aggregate of the traditional taskbar and the new elements that have been brought. It no longer simplest presentations the applications which can be open within the machine; however, it also has a shortcut to the maximum used applications. If you want to begin software that is regularly used, you simplest must click on the shortcut to launch. On the other hand, if such an application is already jogging, it has navigated another software. One-click on the shortcut will show the application’s maximum these days used window onto the display. The shortcut in Windows 7 is created by way of the running system itself, at the same time as the shortcuts for launching programs needed to be created manually in XP, and that too, the use of a prolonged shortcut growing process.

Faster Shutdown

One of the blessings of Windows 7 over XP is the quicker shutdown. XP takes on a median of 17 seconds to shut down, even as Windows 7 takes about 11.Five seconds. It is a well-known truth that XP has one of the quickest startup times at 49 seconds. However, Windows 7 is available in a 2d with 1.03 seconds. Although Windows 7 takes almost double the quantity of time to start up, the Windows 7 startup is quicker than Vistas.


Although the startup of XP is higher than that of Windows 7, in the performance section, no question, Windows 7 wins palms down. If massive documents need to be transferred from one location to every other, it’s miles visible that Windows 7 has its very own advantages because it does its challenge as a substitute faster as compared to XP. Similarly, if large files are to be loaded onto the gadget, Windows 7 does a remarkable and brief activity. It is seen that the PDF files or files with quite a few data open faster with Windows 7 as compared to Windows XP.

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Enhancements in Navigation

If a person has used Vista after XP, they are nicely aware of the brand new Windows Explorer packaged. The Windows Explorer in Windows 7 is a better model than the previous Windows Explorer (Vista); however, many modifications are added in the Windows Explorer of Windows 7. One can store a lot of time using the left column navigator, with which you may navigate to any pressure or within the community alternatively without difficulty. The exclusive classes within the column allow a consumer to rearrange the exclusive categories according to desires and into the favored segments. Similarly, one also can conceal the sections that one does now not use. With Windows Explorer in XP, one can’t navigate to the extraordinary folders or network locations. One wastes lots of time transferring from one location to another other.

Graphical User Interface

If the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of Windows 7 is to be compared with Windows XP, it’s miles the Windows 7 GUI rankings higher. With Windows 7, it’s miles handy to navigate thru exceptional libraries. Looking up documents from the Start Menu is less difficult as properly. Different libraries containing files of the equal type for private use may be created, making it alternatively easier for them to navigate via the unique files. Such a feature changed into no longer available in XP. The other gain within the vicinity of the graphical consumer interface that Windows 7 has over XP is the jumplist. In the jumplist, all of the applications which are often used are coated up. Either a shortcut is created inside the Start Menu or on the taskbar.

32 bit and 64 bit Versions

Windows 7 is to be had in both 64 bit and 32-bit versions. Although XP became additionally to be had in each 32 bit and sixty-four-bit versions, most people have been not conscious that sixty-four-bit version existed in XP. Hence, only the 32-bit version was extra broadly used. Legally both the versions are to be had at the Windows 7 installation CD, but, at any given factor of time, you’ll be able to install one of the versions best. When one puts in Windows 7, alternatives for each of the variations pop up, making one determine one over the other. Naturally, the 64-bit version has higher functionality than the 32-bit version, and additionally, its overall performance is better. Hence, human beings opt for the sixty-four-bit model in Windows 7. Compression of statistics files and resource usage is also better inside the sixty-four-bit version of Windows 7 in place of XP.


If there is a selected capability or a report, which you wanted to appearance up in XP, it was as an alternative difficult. You would both have to use the Command Line or use the Windows Search capability. In Windows 7, the Command-Line keeps existing. However, the Windows Search has been done away with, and there may be a Search textbox in Start. This seek has deep in-built search functions, using which you can seek not best documents and programs, but also different settings within the Control Panel, programs, file folders located at the device together with the ones in the community (those that are part of the HomeGroup or are part of server-side), parse via emails, and so forth. In Windows 7, you may also release exceptional applications from the Search outcomes.

These are the few benefits Windows 7 has over XP. However, the XP loyalists will favor recollecting the negative aspects of Windows 7 over XP earlier than they don’t forget to switch loyalties to the brand new running gadget. If I had been you, I would don’t forget both the positive and terrible aspects of going with the Windows 7 running machine earlier than putting it on my laptop.

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